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2011Beyond research: Classroom interaction analysis techniques for classroom teachersLi, LiZhao, ShouhuiChen, Xinying
2014Bilingualism, literacy and reading achievementO'Brien, Beth A.Yin, BinLi, LiZhang, DongboChin, Chern FarZhao, ShouhuiVaish, Viniti, 1964-
Sep-2006Chinese language instruction in Singapore primary school classrooms: A study of pedagogical practicesLiu, YongbingZhao, ShouhuiZhang, Dongbo
Dec-2007Chinese language pedagogical experiment: a comparative study of classroom practices in Singapore primary schoolsChinese Language Research TeamLiu, YongbingZhao, ShouhuiGoh, Hock HuanGan, Joan Sze WinZhao, ChunshengToh, Wendy Hwee Bin
Mar-2008Coding the transformation of Chinese pedagogical practices in Singapore primary schools: A study of experimentLiu, YongbingZhao, Shouhui
2007Home language shift and its implications for language planning in Singapore: From the perspective of prestige planningZhao, Shouhui
Aug-2008An investigation of Singaporean Chinese children's oral linguistic competence in Mandarin: a corpus-driven studyChinese Language Research TeamLiu, YongbingZhao, ShouhuiHong, HuaqingGoh, Hock HuanToh, Wendy Hwee BinGan, Joan Sze WinWang, YiminZhang, DongboZhao, ChunshengOng, Sabrina Yar HsiarChan, Fanny Sei WahAppleyard, Pauline
2010A study of Chinese language oral competence of primary school students: Exploring the effectiveness of the newly implemented curriculumZhao, ShouhuiWang, Chu MengHuang, Meng
May-2010A study on Chinese language oral competence of primary school students: Exploring effectiveness of the newly implemented curriculumZhao, Shouhui
Dec-2007Transcribing Chinese language classroom talk: To build a computer corpusLiu, YongbingGoh, Hock HuanZhao, Shouhui
2012The use of ICT in the Chinese classroom: A Singapore perspectiveHuang, MengZhang, DongboZhao, Shouhui