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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Synthesis and characterisation of rhenium carbonyl complexes with dicarboxylate ligandsZhang, Rui
2004Synthesis and characterization of dihydroxyl-functionalised PAMAM dendrimers for binding of heavy metalsLoo, Hui Hui
2010Synthesis and characterization of novel chitosan derivativesTan, Lay Khee
1997Synthesis and characterization of some cobalt(II) complexes with piperazine derivatives and synthesis of 1,4-diphenyl-1,4-diphosphorinaneLoh, Choong Seng
2004Synthesis and characterization of some inorganic derivatives of tin with potential anti-tumour activitiesYip, Evelyn Wai Ling
2008Synthesis and characterizations of (N-hydroxy succinimide methacrylate)-based polymeric materialsPock, Eriee
1996Synthesis and preliminary spectroscopic studies into the tautomerism of 3-(arylamino) phthalidesShah Jahan Mohamed Iqbal
2016Synthesis and properties of novel glucose crosslinked hydrogels / silver nanocomposites based on heterocyclic monomersWu, Qianyi
2013Synthesis of Cadmium tungstate (CdWO4) thin films using pulsed laser depositionSadasivan Pillai Saju
1997Synthesis of crystalline silicon nitride by a high density RF inductively coupled plasmaAbdul Mannan
2006Synthesis of dirhenium(I) hexacarbonyl complexes bridged by bis(bidentate) ligandsKee, Chee Leong
2011Synthesis of doped ZnO based bulk dilute magnetic semiconductors and their nanophase thin films using pulsed laser ablationShumaila Karamat
2013Synthesis of new stimuli responsive polymeric materialChen, Choon Tow @ Sin, Choon Tow
2005Synthesis of rhenium(I) carbonyl complexes of functionalized phosphines for potential applications in nuclear medicineZeng, Yun
2009Synthesis, characterisation and cytotoxicity studies of benzaldehyde and substituted salicylaldehyde dibenzyl semicarbarones and their rhenium (I) complexesSiti Munira bte Haidad Ali
2007Synthesis, characterisation and in vitro cytotoxic studies of some metal surface functionalised PAMAM dendrimersZhao, Xinxin
1996A systematic cooperative group learning model for teaching case studies to business studentsLiao, Ziqi
Nov-1998A systemic analysis of the electronically integrated physical education learning organisationHaslam, Ian
2015Taking a closer look at mathematical problem solvingNg, Lay Keow
1987Taking a walk around the ‘Belly of the Carp’ of Singapore river with primary school childrenLee, Christine Kim-eng