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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A study on the curriculum framework for basic spoken ChineseLim, Seok Lai
2008A study on the effectiveness of demonstration teaching versus traditional teaching in physicsNing, Hwee Tiang
2003A study on the effects of an online courseware on polytechnic students' creative problem solving dispositions and performanceSoo, Wai Man
2002A study on the factors related to the levels of computer anxiety of school teachersLeong, Paul Tshun Khong
1996A study on the general levels of heavy metals in magazines and a comparative study of microwave and ultrasound acid digestionsYeo, Joyce Suat Peng
2012A study on the impact of knowledge building in design and technologyFoo, James Chek Keng
Dec-2008A study on the implementation of "Strategies for Effective Engagement and Development' (SEED): Pilot and development of large scale grant proposalDixon, MaryStinson, MadonnaSilver, RitaGreen, Nicole CatherineNie, YouyanWright, Susan (Susan Kay)Pak, SeungheeAnand, Mercy Karuniah J.
2018A study on the perceptions of parents and teachers on savant skills of individuals with ASDTan, Eunice Meng Yin
1986A study on the relationship between achievement and attitude towards local history by secondary school pupils in SingaporeGoh, Bian Koon
2013A study on the relationship between affectivity and efficacies of students in SingaporeTan, Yew Lin Regina
2010A study on the relationship of dispositional optimism and perception of academic stress in high-ability studentsTan, Christopher Tzy Yung
2000A study on the status of choral activities in secondary schools in SingaporeTan, Linda Lek Hiok
2000Study on the thermal degradation of palm olein and the effects of trace metalsFeng, Shulan
Jul-2007A study on the use of children’s stories in Malay language teachingKamsiah Abdullah
2003A study on the WALK approach to assessing students' constructivist learning in mathematics in a secondary schoolTeo, Chen Nee
2008A study on using metacognitive strategies to learn computer programmingSeah, Tiong Wee
2010Study on “A youth-centred game-based learning approach through youths’ creation of game-narratives”Ong, Jennifer Isabelle Pei Ling
2017Study orchestrations and motivational differences in a mathematical contextChue, Kah LoongNie, Youyan
Jul-1991Study tour to Birmingham, UK - An outdoor education experience
2010Studying learners and assessing learning: A process-relational perspective on the learning sciencesChee, Yam San