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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996The travelling salesman problemAliza Main
1993Tree of Education
Apr-1992The tree of education - a sculpture by Chern Lian ShanChern, Lian Shan
Aug-1987Trends and issues in improving University teachingChen, Ai-Yen
2015Trends in applied cognitive developmentKhng, Kiat HuiAng, Su YinBull, RebeccaLee, Kerry
May-1989Trends in biology educationGoh, Chong JinDiong, Cheong HoongYeo, Chee Kai
2002Trends in online learning and their implications for schoolsLim, Cher Ping
2002Triadic bioactive CaPTi thin films synthesized by concurrent sputtering depositionLong, Jidong
Sep-2000Trial group-mentorship programme for trainee teachers: A preliminary reportChew, Alistair Martyn Khean-EnTan, Grace Geok PekLee, Sing Kong
Nov-2010A tripartite model of co-designing for an iMVT integrated science curriculumYe, XiaoxuanZhang, BaohuiChia, Peichun
1981Trying to be negative: Teaching the rules for signsPurbrick, Keith James
2002TTC/IE/NIE memorabiliaChia, Meow Hui
2009Tulisan sebagai wahana sastera Melayu modenMuhammad Ariff bin Ahmad, 1924-
2000"Tuning into the sounds of English"Gan, LindaYong, Ming Lee
2013Turkish and Singaporean pre-service physics teachers’ beliefs about teaching and use of technologyGurcay, DenizWong, Benjamin Koon SiakChai, Ching Sing
2013Turning a necessity into an export : the development of Singapore’s water industryMohamed Osman Rahamat
2018Turning achievement around: Predictors of academic resilience of academically at-risk students in SingaporeCaleon, Imelda S.Nie, YouyanTan, JenniferTan, Chee SoonKing, Ronnel B.Kalthom Ahmad
1996Tutoring E304 computer engineering : a paradigm shiftLeyman, Abdul Rahim
1995Twenty golden opportunities to enhance student learning: use them or lose themSponder, Barry
2002Two invariants for adjointly equivalent graphsDong, F. M., 1962-Teo, Kee LeongLittle, Charles H. C.Hendy, Michael