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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Understanding and overcoming pupils' learning difficulties in mathematicsEe, JessieWong, Khoon Yoong
2014Understanding and profiling teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge development patternsKoh, Joyce Hwee LingChai, Ching SingTay, Lee Yong
2010Understanding cardiac outpatients’ experience of starting and maintaining physical activityLew, Henry Yuen Foong
2006Understanding children's development through art : a case study of a child with an intellectual disability and hearing impairmentBert, Said Mohamed Isham
1996Understanding creativity from a diversified perspectiveTan, Ai-Girl
2016Understanding creativity in East Asia: Insights from Confucius' concept of junziTan, Charlene H. P. (Charlene Hwee Phio)
1987Understanding disabled peopleSharpe, Pamela
2011Understanding discrepancies in rater judgement on national-level oral examination tasksAng-Aw, Hui TengGoh, Christine Chuen Meng
2019Understanding early childhood teachers' perspectives of professional development for continued learningS. Sarspathi
Jun-2008Understanding elementary students’ emergent dialogical argumentation in scienceFoo, Seau YoonLooi, Chee-Kit
1998Understanding extreme value statistics with analysis using Visual BasicLee, Hwee Sin
2011Understanding factors of achievement through theoretical models amongst gifted studentsChong, Perng Shyang Joseph
2016Understanding geographies of water accessibility in HyderabadDas, Diganta KumarLoon, Jia Hui BerniceRao, A. N.Subbarao, G. N.
2000Understanding gifted adolescents in Singapore : a Dabrowskian perspectiveThiruman, Mike Mariyappa
1998Understanding how children think: A theory of mind perspectiveTan-Niam, Carolyn
2014Understanding how mental health professionals in Singapore voluntary welfare organisations deal with work stressChin, Xinyu
2002Understanding how thriving internet quasi-communities work: Distinguishing between learning about and learning to beHung, DavidChen, Victor Der-Thanq
2002Understanding human potential, its fallacies and developmentTeo, Chua Tee
2017Understanding idea flow: Applying learning analytics in discourseLee, Alwyn Vwen YenTan, Seng Chee, 1965-
1983Understanding in mathematicsPlant, Eric