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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Attitudes to Mandarin Chinese varieties in SingaporeCavallaro, FrancescoSeilhamer, Mark FiferHo, Yen YeeNg, Bee Chin
1987Attitudes to science of pre-service primary teachersRoy, S. Chandra
Sep-2002Attitudes towards inclusion of intellectually disabled children in regular schoolsEe, JessieSoh, Kay Cheng
1985Attitudes towards innovations in primary schools: A study of in-service teachersChew, Joy Oon Ai
Nov-2004Attitudes towards science of gifted and non-gifted upper primary studentsCaleon, Imelda S.Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan), 1952-
2012Attitudes towards suicide of young adults in SingaporeSylvia Tjahjadi
2007Attitudinal career maturity of Institute of Technical Education, polytechnic and pre-university studentsEmayavaramban, Krishnan
1994Attitudinal career maturity of students in a secondary schoolChan, Grace Cheow Yong
Sep-1992Attitudinal outcomes from environmental activitiesKaur, Berinderjeet, 1955-
2011Attribution for maternal stress in children with different special needsYamagata, Chihiro
2009Attribution style as related to self-efficacy in Singapore adolescentsTan, Kayce
2014Attributional beliefs of Singapore students: Relations to self-construal, competence, and achievement goalsLuo, Serena WenshuHogan, DavidYeung, Alexander SeeshingSheng, Yee ZherAye, Khin Maung
1994Attributional beliefs, goal orientations, strategic learning and achievement of primary 6 Singaporean studentsEe, Jessie
Feb-1992Attributions, metacognition and mathematical problem solvingCheung, Kwok CheungKoh, Wee Koon
2004Augmentation in learning: Supports which do not fade awayChen, Victor Der-ThanqHung, David
2020An augmented paper game with socio-cognitive supportWen, Yun
2020Augmented reality enhanced cognitive engagement: Designing classroom-based collaborative learning activities for young language learnersWen, Yun
2014Authentic game-based learning and teachers’ dilemmas in reconstructing professional practiceChee, Yam SanMehrotra, SwatiOng, Jing Chuan
2012Authenticity in learning for the twenty-first century: Bridging the formal and informalHung, DavidLee, Shu-ShingLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
2014Autonomy support in education : fostering intrinsic motivation and learning in schoolsNg, Betsy Ling Ling