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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Bilingual children’s language choices and language preferencesSaravanan, Vanithamani
Nov-1998Bilingual children’s language choices and language preferencesSaravanan, Vanithamani
2010Bilingual dual-coding and code-switching: Implications for the L1 in L2 learningSoh, Kay Cheng
Nov-2013The bilingual language policy and its effects on minority languages in Singapore: Hard truths on MalayMohamed Aidil Subhan bin Mohamed Sulor
2019Bilingual processing of formulaic sequencesTay, Linda Poh Ling
2012Bilingual testing at the phrase and text levels and its implications for bilingual programmesSoh, Kay Cheng
2013Bilingualism and its effects on Malay language planningMohamed Aidil Subhan bin Mohamed Sulor
Nov-2007Bilingualism and the literacy of young Singapore childrenMukhlis Abu Bakar
2014Bilingualism, literacy and reading achievementO'Brien, Beth A.Yin, BinLi, LiZhang, DongboChin, Chern FarZhao, ShouhuiVaish, Viniti, 1964-
1991Bilingualism: Pains and pleasuresSoh, Kay Cheng
2015Biliteracy development: Metalinguistic knowledge and bilingual academic performanceCurdt-Christiansen, Xiao LanHu, Guangwei, 1962-Sun, Baoqi
2008Bioactive compounds from tropical plantsLiu, Ying Hong
2007Bioactive natural products from blue-green algaeChang, Yingyan
2008Bioactive natural products from microalgaeTay, Choon Yen
1987Bioethical issues in teachingChellappah, Ruth
2018Biological and metabolomic approaches to drug discovery from microbes associated with deep water marine samples from SingaporeOng, Marshall Ji Fa
2002A biomechanical analysis of the standing long jumpYap, Alex Yit Fui
2006Biomedical potential of marine cyanobacteriaTalbot, Christopher David
2016Biomedical potential of marine cyanobacteria and bacteria associated with benthic invertebrates from SingaporeDeepak Kumar Gupta
2015Biomedical potential of marine invertebrate associated bacteriaFatima Rownak Selim