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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A blended collaborative writing approach for Chinese L2 primary school studentsWong, Lung HsiangChen, WenliChai, Ching SingChin, Chee KuenGao, Ping
2011Blended e-learning: The way to go?Sujata Surinder Kathpalia
2006Blended learning approach in mentoring using Web based learning and face to face facilitationEbnuarabi Etheris
2019Blended learning in a higher education institutional context : applying phronē̄sis in educational changeLim, Yian Hoon
Sep-2000Blending two thinking programs together for trainee teachers in SingaporeKong, Siew LangSeng, Alice Seok-Hoon
1989"Blips of meaning": The transformation of reader and history textLoh, GraceDiamond, C. T. Patrick, 1940-
1994Block A and Tower Block
1994Block A and Tower Block buildings
1992Block A building
1993Block B building
2007Blogging - Teaching tool of the 21st centurySundaray, Shamala
May-2006Blogging in music teaching: Engaged learning beyond classroom and disciplinary boundariesChong, Eddy Kwong Mei
1997Blood lipids, lipoproteins, apoproteins and cardiovascular fitness in obese and non-obese Singaporean Chinese male adolescents 13 to 15 years of ageNg, Gillian Bee Kit
1996Body composition and physiological characteristics of overweight and non-overweight Singaporean Chinese male adolescentsGobinathan Nair
Dec-1997Body composition measurement techniques in SingaporeWalkuski, Jeffrey JohnSchmidt, Gordon James, 1954-Quek, Jin Jong
2010Body composition: Assessment, components, and hydrationBalasekaran, G.Gupta, N.Govindaswamy, V. V.
2014Body image satisfaction: a pilot intervention for adolescents in SingaporeNg, Samantha Shi Ying
2015Body weight satisfaction and disordered eating among youth who are active in sport in SingaporeChia, Michael, 1963-Lee, Marcus Beng Chong
2017The bold and the beautiful : reading the male vampire in contemporary film and popular cultureKoh, Noel P-Chong
30-Jul-1994Book launch of "Rhythm of the Sea: The Life and Times of Labrador Beach"