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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Bioactive natural products from blue-green algaeChang, Yingyan
2008Bioactive natural products from microalgaeTay, Choon Yen
1987Bioethical issues in teachingChellappah, Ruth
2018Biological and metabolomic approaches to drug discovery from microbes associated with deep water marine samples from SingaporeOng, Marshall Ji Fa
2002A biomechanical analysis of the standing long jumpYap, Alex Yit Fui
2006Biomedical potential of marine cyanobacteriaTalbot, Christopher David
2016Biomedical potential of marine cyanobacteria and bacteria associated with benthic invertebrates from SingaporeDeepak Kumar Gupta
2015Biomedical potential of marine invertebrate associated bacteriaFatima Rownak Selim
2006Biomedical potential of marine organisms from SingaporeYogeswari d/o Selvaraja
2016Bird-building collisions in Singapore and building characteristics affecting the likelihood of collisionTeo, Kah Ming
1998Birth of the theory of univalent functionsLam, Hwee Peng
1985Black and white photo shots of Oei Tiong Ham building in IE's Bukit Timah campus
1982A blend of mathematics and moral educationTan, Hwee Lin
2011A blended collaborative writing approach for Chinese L2 primary school studentsWong, Lung HsiangChen, WenliChai, Ching SingChin, Chee KuenGao, Ping
2011Blended e-learning: The way to go?Sujata Surinder Kathpalia
2006Blended learning approach in mentoring using Web based learning and face to face facilitationEbnuarabi Etheris
2019Blended learning in a higher education institutional context : applying phronē̄sis in educational changeLim, Yian Hoon
Sep-2000Blending two thinking programs together for trainee teachers in SingaporeKong, Siew LangSeng, Alice Seok-Hoon
1989"Blips of meaning": The transformation of reader and history textLoh, GraceDiamond, C. T. Patrick, 1940-
1994Block A and Tower Block