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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017An exploration of discourse and visual interaction in six children’s picture books by Anthony BrowneCheong, Carolyn Yee Li
1999An exploration of factors that help or hinder the successful learning of the English language among secondary school studentsSyed Mohamed Abdul Gaffoor
2016An exploration of text and image in Singaporean internet memesPavithra Raja
2018Exploration of the different factors that contribute to family quality of life for parents with young children with developmental disabilityKe, Joyce Yiyun
2012The exploration of the extent of the awareness of guilt in children with autismKe, Joyce Yiyun
2018An exploration of the impact of picture book illustrations on the comprehension skills, vocabulary development and engagement level of children with dyslexia in SingaporePoh, Deon Boon Peng
2004An exploration of the nature of the discourse negotiated between nine primary five candidates and their respective examiners in the picture conversation task : production or reproduction?Yeo, Young Muay
2016An exploration of three-dimensional integrated assessment for computational thinkingZhong, BaichangWang, QiyunChen, JieLi, Yi
Nov-2005Explorations of artistic practices in Singapore schoolsShu, JolleneWright, Susan (Susan Kay)
2007An explorative study of using philosophy for children in developing a holistic approach to Chinese language learningSeet, Jun Feng
2001An exploratory analysis of current pedagogical practices in primary mathematics classroomsChang, Agnes Shook CheongKaur, Berinderjeet, 1955-Koay, Phong LeeLee, Ngan Hoe
2017An exploratory analysis of variations in quiet eye duration within and between levels of expertiseChia, Jingyi ShannonChow, Jia YiKawabata, MasatoDicks, MattLee, Marcus
2016An exploratory application of remote sensing technologies and statistical analysis to provide rapid and cost effective inundation predictions for the Tonle Sap Lake floodplain systemElydia AzmanEu, Grace Yi YingLim, Yean Yue GladysSeah, YitingWu, B. S.Irvine, Kim N.
2015Exploratory assessment of SUDS feasibility in Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe Basin, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamHo, Huu LocBabel, Mukand SinghWeesakul, SutatIrvine, Kim N.Pham, Minh Duyen
2004An exploratory comparison study on scaffolding narrative writing in Chinese with face-to-face and e-discussionsNg, Keow Eng
2017Exploratory findings on personal development sessions for students undergoing basic counselling skills trainingTang, Peiwen
2002An exploratory investigation of choice of secondary school by parents and pupils in a Singapore girls' secondary schoolLim, Mei Hong
2001An exploratory study into job satisfaction of physical educators in SingaporeWong, Swee Meng
2000Exploratory study of 'turnaround' process of at-risk youthsTay, Choon Chiat
2001An exploratory study of addictive sexual behavioursLee, Samuel Lye Kiat