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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2011Facilitators/bariers to knowledge creation and knowledge utilisation in schools and other educational settings as perceived by Singapore school practitionersTeh, Laik Woon
2013Facilitators’ beliefs and practices of classroom assessment in a Singaporean polytechnicChew, Andrea Yen Ling
1999Facing the music: an educational perspective in redesigning a core moduleDairianathan, Eugene
Nov-1983Factor-based measurement of teacher attitudes: A secondary analysisSoh, Kay Cheng
1994Factorial validity of the occupational stress indicatorLim, Tock Keng
2006Factorization of algebraic expressions : difficulties and errors of secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic studentsAliza Main
2011Factors affecting acceptance of User-Centric Technology (UCT) among ITE lecturers in SingaporeTan, Shalyn
1993Factors affecting adolescents' relationships with parents and peersAng, Mee-foong
1990Factors affecting computer programming ability among junior college studentsMooi, Lee Choo
2013Factors affecting English Language teachers’ classroom assessment practices: A case study at Singapore secondary schoolsShih, Chih-Min, 1971-Wang, Li-Yi
2001Factors affecting job satisfaction and commitment of primary school teachersLim, Pei Ling
2004Factors affecting nurses' motivation in a national healthcare instituteTan, Gek Lee
2003Factors affecting parents' choices for the selection of secondary schoolsKueh, Li Li
2014Factors affecting primary forest regeneration in SingaporeLim, Ganges Zi Yang
Mar-2012Factors affecting primary science teachers’ enactment of formative assessment: Reality and professional decision makingTan, Poh HiangTan, Aik-Ling
1990Factors affecting teacher stress in secondary schoolsLim-Ng, Ai Tee
2003Factors affecting the attitudes of primary school science teachers towards science teachingLee, Iris Chai Hong
2011Factors affecting the time activity budget of male fiddler crabs, Uca annulipes, in a Singapore mangroveLu, Zhen Hui Justina
1999Factors affecting underachievement of average students in a government schoolChong, Fui Kian
2011Factors associated with dyslexia treatment in a dyslexia treatment programme in SingaporeLim, Zran Ai Lois