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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2013Group endeavours in service learning in the National Institute of Education: Experiential/service learning in a teacher training programmeLow, Ee Ling
2013Group music composition towards creative thinkingTeo, Clara Phin-Phin
2017Group OST-BRIEF : a pilot organizational skills training programme for children with ADHD in SingaporeTan, Melinda Meizhen
Nov-2011Group scribbles to support elementary students’ writing based on VSPOW model: A preliminary studyWong, Lung HsiangLin, Chiu PinSung, Yuan LinLin, Chih Cheng
2012Group Scribbles-enhanced collaborative learning improves reading skills: An experiment study in primary classroomsChen, WenliLin, Chiu PinXie, WentingChu, ChingchunTan, Nicholas Yew Lee
2011Group supervision in enhancing counsellors’ self-efficacy and professionalismAng, Tien Soong
Nov-2009GroupScribbles as a rapid CSCL tool: Learning experiences of pre-service teachersTan, Nicholas Yew LeeChen, WenliLooi, Chee-Kit
2016Growing different Lactuca genotypes aeroponically within a tropical greenhouse: Cool rootzone temperatures decreased rootzone Ethylene concentrations and increased shoot growthChoong, Tsui WeiHe, JieLee, Sing KongDodd, Ian C.
2015Growing in digital maturity: Students and their computers in an academic laptop programme in SingaporeTowndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander)Wan Fareed
2015Growth irradiance effects on productivity, photosynthesis, nitrate accumulation and assimilation of aeroponically grown Brassica alboglabraHe, JieLim, Lang IngQin, Lin
2018Growth mindset, perceived support and intention to pursue continuing education courses among working adultsCai, Vanessa Jiaxin
2006Gu shi ci jiao xue zhong chuang yi si wei de pei yang = Cultivating creative thinking through the teaching of classical Chinese poetry in the Singapore classroomLiu, Fang (刘芳)
2006Guest editorial: Mathematics for teaching or mathematics for teachers?Lee, Peng Yee
1975Guidance in the classroomWong, Ruth H. K.
1990Guidance needs as perceived by lower secondary pupils and their teachersNg, Peng Hock
1987Guidance of secondary students: A developmental viewSoh, Kay Cheng
1987Guidance of secondary students: Principles and techniquesSoh, Kay Cheng
2018Guide to developing digital games for early grade literacy for developing countriesLim, Kenneth Yang TeckComings, JohnLee, RichardYuen, Ming-DeAhmed Hazyl HilmyChua, DerekSong, Bing Heng
2000Guided Independent Reading (GIR): a programme to nurture lifelongHsui, Victoria Y.
2018Guided problem solving at primary level : students’ strategies for solving challenging geometry problemsGoh, Song Eng