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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Interactive metadiscourse in research articles: A comparative study of paradigmatic and disciplinary influencesCao, FengHu, Guangwei, 1962-
2017Interactive networks and social knowledge construction behavioral patterns in primary school teachers' online collaborative learning activitiesZhang, SiLiu, QingtangChen, WenliWang, QiyunHuang, Zhifang
1997An interactive teaching plan to further the understanding and experience of stereotypes in groupsGoh, Michael Pik Bien
2002Interactivity in CD-ROMs for English language teaching and learningJeseca Sohan-Robert
1998Interchange of limit operations and partitions of unityLee, Sharon Foong Yee
2014Intercultural education in everyday practiceTupas, T. Ruanni F.
Jul-2007Interdisciplinary learning: Development of mathematical confidence, value, and the interconnectedness of mathematicsNg, Dawn Kit EeStillman, Gloria
2018Interest-driven creator theory: Towards a theory of learning design for Asia in the twenty-first centuryChan, Tak-WaiLooi, Chee-KitChen, WenliWong, Lung HsiangChang, BenLiao, Calvin C. Y.Cheng, HercyChen, Zhi-HongLiu, Chen-ChungKong, Siu CheungJeong, HeisawnMason, JonSo, Hyo-JeongMurthy, SahanaYu, Fu-YunWong, Su LuanKing, Ronnel B.Gu, XiaoqingWang, MinhongWu, LongkaiHuang, RonghuaiLam, RachelOgata, Hiroaki
2017Interfaith dialogues in Singapore : identity work in religious and secular conversationsLee, Tuck Leong
2000Intergenerational transmission of parenting styleTeo, Bee Khim
2011An interlingual perspective on recontextualizationChen, Yixiong
Mar-2010International alliance of leading education institutes meets up in SeoulGoh, Kim Chuan
2017The International Charter on Geographical Education: A reflection on published research articles on assessmentChang, Chew HungMuhammad Faisal Aman
2008International high school students’ perceived creativity self-efficacyHill, AlanTan, Ai-GirlKikuchi, Akio
2001International project on mathematical attainmentKaur, Berinderjeet, 1955-Koay, Phong LeeYap, Sook FweBurghes, David
2016International student experiences in a Singapore counseling programZhang, Siqi
2018International students and their positionalities in a multicultural science learning context : a critical perspectiveOng, Wee Yong
Nov-2013International trends in education: The Singapore story and challenges for Singapore educatorsQuek, Jin Jong
1997The internet and English language teachingHo, Caroline Mei Lin
Nov-1995Internet and the global thinking projectTang, Woh UnLee, Lucille Kam WahGoh, Ngoh KhangChia, Lian Sai