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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982Language practice drills: Their usefulness and shortcomingsTalbot, Dennis C.
2005Language proficiency and rewording of semantic structures in P5 pupils' mathematical word problem solvingChan, Eric Chun Ming
1996Language retention and socio-interaction patterns in intra-caste communication in the Singapore Chettiar communityDeivanai Vellayappan
1995Language self-concepts and causal attributions for performance in Chinese language and English language of pupils in a secondary schoolOng, Teck Chin
2017Language teacher cognition and negative feedback in oral discourseSwallow, Nicholas Dale
1979Language teaching and children’s literature: Loughborough '79Saravanan, Vanithamani
1994Language use among Singaporean preschool childrenLim, Audrey Swee Eng
1998Language use and identity across generations in SingaporeHvitfeldt, ChristinaPoedjosoedarmo, Gloria R., 1943-
1990Language use of teachers in the history classroom and its effect on secondary school pupilsThuraisingam, Pamela Chellappah
2011Language-related misconceptions in the study of limitsSyed Mansoor JaffarDindyal, Jaguthsing
2010Languages of sciences in the classroom : a study on students in a Singapore secondary schoolFoo, Hui Yueh
Jan-2015A laplace transform DRBEM with a predictor-corrector scheme for time-dependent infiltration from periodic channels with root-water uptakeImam SolekhudinAng, Keng Cheng
2004Laporan khas perlaksanaan dan perkembangan sebutan baku di Singapura 1990-2003Mohamed Pitchay Gani Bin Mohamed Abdul Aziz
2001Laras bahasa Melayu di internet tidak melanggar aturan berbahasaMohamed Pitchay Gani Bin Mohamed Abdul Aziz
Apr-2006A large scale study of Singapore's science and mathematics pedagogyVenthan, A. M.Ridzuan Bin Abdul Rahim
2001Laser induced auto fluorescence spectroscopy of normal & cancerous tissues from the colon of laboratory rats (in vivo) at different stages of development of cancerTay, Michael Jau Jen
2015Laser shadowgraphic study of the influence of krypton-seeding, switch synchronization and electrode geometry on plasma dynamic in plasma focus deviceTalebitaher, A.Kalaiselvi, S. M. P.Springham, Stuart VictorLee, Paul Choon KeatTan, Augustine Tuck LeeRawat, Rajdeep Singh
1999Laser-induced autofluorescence and decay dynamics of human colonic tissuesHuang, Zhiwei
2003Laser-induced autofluorescence spectra studies for in-vivo biologic tissueFu, Sheng
1987Late afternoon shot of IE's Oei Tiong Ham building