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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992A problem solving strategy: Look for patterns in sequencesCheung, Yin Ling
Nov-1997Problem solving: An effective approach to revitalising a mid-aged school?Zhang, Yenming
2004Problem-based collaboration in an online computer supported environment: A case studyManu Kapur
2003Problem-based collaboration in an online computer-supported environment : a case studyManu Kapur
Nov-2003Problem-based learning and mediated learning experienceTan, Oon SengChua, Bee Leng
2003Problem-based learning and mediated learning experience : an exploratory studyChua, Bee Leng
2001A problem-based learning approach to mathematics at the polytechnic level : an exploratory studyChee, Jonathan Wing Hong
2012A problem-based learning model’s effect on critical thinking skills of secondary three students learning social studiesGoh, Jiang Wee
2013Problem-based learning processes and technology : impact on preservice teachers’ teaching efficacies, motivational orientations and learning strategiesChua, Bee Leng
Nov-2004Problem-based learning: Implementing project work in biology through ill-structured problemsChin, ChristineChia, Li Gek
Nov-2003Problem-based learning: Inspirations for students’ problems and questions askedChin, ChristineChia, Li Gek
2002Problem-based learning: More problems for teacher educationTan, Oon Seng
2005Problem-based tasks as a measure of higher order-thinking skills in primary school mathematicsTan, Bee Bee
Dec-1999Problem-posing in teaching university algebraZhao, DongshengLee, Peng Yee
Sep-1992Problem-solving behaviour of O-level geography students: Some exploratory findingsLee, Christine Kim-eng
2017Problem-solving for STEM learning: Navigating games as narrativized problem spaces for 21st century competenciesAzilawati JamaludinHung, David
2004Problem-solving frameworks of prospective secondary mathematics teachersYeo, Joseph Kai Kow
2009Problem-solving in mathematics : a case study of teachers' beliefs and practicesLim, Meow Hwee
1994The problem-solving processes in physics of junior college students in SingaporeTan, Bak Seng
1984Problem-solving with the micro-computerOng, Sit Tui