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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Propagandis persuratan MelayuMohamed Pitchay Gani Bin Mohamed Abdul Aziz
2017Properties of chromatic polynomials of hypergraphs not held for chromatic polynomials of graphsDong, F. M., 1962-
1998Proportional reasoning and mathematical beliefs of student teachers from Singapore and AustraliaFoong, Pui YeePerry, Bob
Dec-1999A proposal for assessing mathematics thinking: A lesson learnt from the Japanese open-ended approachLee, Ngan Hoe
1994A proposal for restructuring and redesigning the learning process of a physiology courseWong, Chong Thim
2003A proposal for using MOOs (multiple-user domains, object-oriented) to teach English in Singapore primary classroomsHia, Wan Ching
1998Proposal to redesign the secondary school chemistry curriculum to enhance higher level learningChu, Chit Kay
2003A proposed instructional design framework for enhancing student motivation to learnTang, Buay Choo
2002A proposed interactivity model for E-learning : results from an expert validation based on a synthesis of the literatureChuah, Peter Chin Kah
1999Proposed IT competencies for Singapore teachersWilliams, Michael D.Wong, Philip Siew Koon
Aug-1975Proposed Student Advisory Service (SAS)Yip, Katherine
1998Proposing a new curriculum design based on the sociolinguistic profile of Chinese language student teachers in SingaporeGoh, Yeng Seng
2015Proposing an educational scaling-and-diffusion model for inquiry-based learning designsHung, DavidLee, Shu-Shing
2001Proposing an EPSS framework for the semiconductor industryAng, James S. K.
2001Proposing an instructional system design model for a railway track trainingLow, Khai Chong
Jul-2003Prosocial attitudes of Youth Expedition Project (YEP) participants: A preliminary studyKhoo, AngelineLim, Kam MingLiau, Albert, 1972-
2013Prosocial behaviours in adolescents: internalized values vs externalized factorsKuck, Xuanling
1990Prospectus (College of Physical Education)College of Physical Education (Singapore)
1986Prospectus (College of Physical Education)College of Physical Education (Singapore)
1984Prospectus (College of Physical Education)College of Physical Education (Singapore)