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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006D(3He,p)4He and D(d,p)3H fusion in a small plasma focus operated in a deuterium helium-3 gas mixtureSpringham, Stuart Victor ; Sim, Tzong Haur; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Patran, Alin Constantin; Shutler, Paul; Tan, Augustine Tuck Lee ; Lee, Sing
2008"Da xue nei bu xing zheng zu zhi xue xi bian ge yu gou jian you zhi guan li xi tong yan jiu"Wu, Baorui
2002Dakini : a study of female enlightenmentChua, Yen
2020Dam failure and a catastrophic flood in the Mekong basin (Bolaven Plateau), southern Laos, 2018Latrubesse, Edgardo M.; Park, Edward ; Sieh, Kerry; Dang, Thanh; Lin, Nina Yunung; Yun, Sang-Ho
2001Dance and the special childChua, Genevieve Yung Ying
Jul-2013Dance in education: How much creativity is or should be encouraged?Leong, Lai Keun
Mar-2006Dancing proud dancing strong: The phenomena of youth dance and dancing youth in Australia and SingaporeBurridge, Stephanie
2000Daniel : a case study of an autistic child's drawing : what can the drawings of an autistic child teach us about development and representation?Seow, Ai Wee
2000Data mining applications using non-linear scientific methodsRamakrishnan Arun
 2022A data mining approach using machine learning algorithms for early detection of low-performing studentsKhor, Ean Teng
2002Data-logging in practical scienceWan, Yoke Kum; Toh, Kok Aun
2005Dataloggers and inquiry scienceTan, Kim Chwee Daniel ; Hedberg, John G.; Koh, Thiam Seng; Seah, Whye Choo
2006Datalogging in Singapore schools: Supporting effective implementationsTan, Kim Chwee Daniel ; Hedberg, John G.; Koh, Thiam Seng; Seah, Whye Choo
Jul-2005Datalogging: a unique affordance unrealized?Tan, Kim Chwee Daniel ; Hedberg, John G.; Koh, Thiam Seng; Seah, Whye Choo
2004Dating violence: the prevalence, chronicity and gender symmetry of perpetration and the effects of victimization on relationship satisfactionVoon, Yen Sing
2020Dawn of a new decade: What can geographical and environmental education offer for the 2020sChang, Chew Hung ; Kidman, Gillian
1979Day care: A discussion of language and related issuesLucas, Judith; Mercer, Marianne
1988Day view of Oei Tiong Ham building from a clear distance (1988)
2015Daya hidup Bahasa Melayu di Singapura: Satu penelusuran sejarahRoksana Bibi Abdullah 
1988DEA (1988)