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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2005G-portal - design and development of digital assets (Project 1A)Chang, Chew Hung ; Hedberg, John G.
Aug-2000G. Sarangapany's farsight and community development thinkingSeetha Lakshmi 
2022Gains in youth resilience during self-driven learning may be moderated by their pathways to purposeZhu, Gaoxia ; Burrow, Anthony L.
2003The gambus (lutes) of the Malay worldHilarian, Larry Francis
2021Game based assessment in the mathematics classroomLeong, Eunice Ying Xuan; Toh, Tin Lam 
2017Game development for educationGaydos, Matthew Joseph ; Seah, Lay Hoon; Neo, Wei Leng
2020Game development for educationGaydos, Matthew Joseph ; Seah, Lay Hoon; Neo, Wei Leng
Nov-2009Game-based learning as a vehicle for developing science inquiry skills using the Centauri 7 learning programChee, Yam San; Lee, Judy Lai Har
Oct-2010Game-based learning as performance: The case of legends of AlkhimiaChee, Yam San
2021Game-based learning: The immersive learning experienceAzilawati Jamaludin ; Poh, Meng Leng
2010Gamers’ motivation, parental involvement and aggressive tendenciesOng, Madeleine Ping Ting
1984Games and simulations for teaching chemistryGoh, Ngoh Khang; Chia, Lian Sai
1991Games in the mathematics classroomLim-Teo, Suat Khoh
2012Gaming addiction and its relationship with school performance and social relationship among primary school childrenKoh, Lai Ling
2007Gao deng zhi ye jiao yu PBL jiao xue mo shi yan jiu : Xinjiapo gong he li gong xue yuan PBL jiao xue mo shi yu Zhongguo gao zhi jiao yu chuan tong jiao xue mo shi de bi jiaoChen, Huaiyong
2008Gao zhi xue yuan de xiao qi lian he ban xue mo shi de shi jian tan taoShan, Xinzhou
1999[Garam]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
2016Gardens by the way : a performance approach to the engendering of belonging and ownership in the Gardens by the BayLenden-Hitchcock, Yin Mei Jacqueline June
2007Gauges of Baire class one functionsTang, Wee Kee; Zulijanto Atok; Zhao, Dongsheng 
2002Gaya bahasa dalam cerekaMohamed Aidil Subhan Mohamed Sulor