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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Qi [Spirit] in the landscape painting of Chen Wen Hsi : an in-depth study of his modern landscapes through the most fundamental Chinese aesthetic principleChun, Wee San
1995Qing chao tong cheng pai yan jiu = The study of Tong Cheng Pai (School of Tong Cheng) in Qing dynastyKoh, Hock Kiat
Jun-2004Qualitative analysis practical work: An instructional packageTan, Kim Chwee Daniel ; Goh, Ngoh Khang; Chia, Lian Sai; Treagust, David F.
2014A qualitative case study of the processes and attitudes of primary school students engaged in soundscape compositionSoh, Fang Ying
2001A qualitative case study on the social construction of ideas in mathematical problem solvingChua, Guat Kheng
2020A qualitative inquiry into the relationships between teacher efficacy beliefs and teaching task analysis in the context of learner-centred pedagogyLee, Wei Ching; Wang, Li-Yi; Chen, Der-Thanq 
2020A qualitative meta-analysis on the use of serious games to support learners with intellectual and developmental disabilities: What we know, what we need to know and what we can doKoh, Caroline 
2010A qualitative research study on using blogging as a personal reflection tool for new teachersPolak, Bianca
2022A qualitative study about engagement in a school-based prevention programme for secondary school studentsKeh, Carolyn; Yong, Ming Lee ; Chong, Pei
2023A qualitative study into the personal factors influencing secondary school teachers’ motivating stylesLiu, Woon Chia ; Kong, Leng Chee; Wang, John Chee Keng ; Kee, Ying Hwa ; Ng, Betsy Ling Ling; Lam, Karen; Reeve, Johnmarshall
2021A qualitative study of beginning teachers' appropriation of tools for teaching English language in Singapore secondary schoolsPoh, Soon Koh 
2012A qualitative study of developers’ competencies in a train-the-trainer programmeLim, Angeline Hui Ying
2019A qualitative study of four Singapore secondary teachers' career stages, career anchors, internal and external careers pertaining to progressionOng, Junie Youlin
2001A qualitative study of French as a foreign language learners' use of reception strategies in two-way information gap tasksMallard, Christophe
2001A qualitative study of grammar corrections in students' writing : a Singapore case studyLee, Fong Ting
2005A qualitative study of perceptions of student teachers towards teachingMoo, Swee Ngoh; Wong, Angela F. L.; Wong, Isabella Yuen Fun 
2019A qualitative study of primary school Chinese language teachers' use of curriculum materialsKwek, Siew Hoon
1999Qualitative study of self-concept in adolescents from divorced familiesTan, Trina Li Lian
2003A qualitative study of Singapore primary school teachers' conceptionsHairon Salleh 
2002A qualitative study of six primary school English language teachers as they reflect on their teaching of readingNandprasar Sushila Devi