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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2009V.S.P.O.W.: An innovative collaborative writing approach to improve Chinese as L2 pupils' linguistic skillsWong, Lung Hsiang ; Chin, Chee Kuen; Chen, Wenli ; Gao, Ping
1983Valentine's Day Concert (12 Feb 1983)
2008Validating a new measure of self-complexityLuo, Serena Wenshu; Watkins, David; Lam, Raymond Y. H.
2013Validating an assessment of students' understanding of force and motion concepts using a learning progression frameworkFulmer, Gavin William
2013Validating and modelling technological pedagogical content knowledge framework among Asian preservice teachersChai, Ching Sing; Ng, Eugenia M. W.; Li, Wenhao; Hong, Huang-Yao; Koh, Joyce Hwee Ling
2014Validating proposed learning progressions on force and motion using the force concept inventory: Findings from Singapore secondary schoolsFulmer, Gavin William
2017Validation of a competency form to assess knowledge in functional behavioral assessment and behavioral intervention across special educators in SingaporeTan, Marilyn Mei Xing
May-2006Validation of an instrument to monitor my students’ face-to-face philosophy ‘communities of inquiry’Yip, Meng Fai; Quek, Choon Lang 
2015Validation of attitudes and beliefs on classroom control inventory among beginning teachers in Singapore schoolsQuek, Choon Lang ; Liu, Cong; Kang, Shuangjuan; Wang, Qiyun ; Nonis, Darren Anthonio Marino
 2022Validation of dance-specific balance test: Evidence from comparisons between dancers and nondancersMuhammad Ridhuan Johari; Kee, Ying Hwa ; Kong, Pui Wah 
2014Validation of DAP : SPED as a screening tool for emotional disturbance in SingaporeTeo, Carina Kim Huey
1996Validation of the 1600-m run as a predictor of VO2MAX in Singapore children aged 10 to 12 yearsAw Yong, Wai Leng
2009Validation of the Beck Depression Inventory-II and Center of Epidemiologic Studies : depression scale in a military psychiatric clinicLum, Shin Si
2007Validation of the CATPA survey in SingaporeRangen, V.S.
2021Validation of the Child Behavior Rating Scale (CBRS) using multilevel factor analysisChan, Wei Teng; Bull, Rebecca; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Waschl, Nicolette ; Poon, Kenneth K. 
Dec-2001Validation of the Chinese Language Classroom Environment Inventory (CLCEI) for use in Singapore secondary schoolsChua, Siew Lian; Wong, Angela F. L.; Chen, Der-Thanq 
1999Validation of the Global Personality Inventory in SingaporeLim, Li Ai
2022Validation of the Perception Neuron system for full-body motion captureChoo, Corliss Zhi Yi; Chow, Jia Yi ; Komar, John 
2015Validation study of Liebowitz social anxiety scale (children/adolescent version) in the Singapore contextMai, Xueling
2021Validity and reliability of an English translation of the Teacher Metacognition Inventory (TMI) with mathematics teachers in SingaporeTay, Lee Yong; Tan, Liang See; Tan, Jing Yi; Thaslim Begum Mohamed Aiyoob; Ong, Monica Woei Ling; Lim-Ratnam, Christina ; Chua, Puay Huat