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Leng Ho Keat
Leng, Ho Keat
Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS)


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Advertisements promoting physical activity in tertiary educational institutions: An investigation on model effect using eye trackerLeng, Ho Keat 
22020Body image, physical activity and sport involvement: A study on gender differencesLeng, Ho Keat ; Phua, Philip Yi Xian; Yang, Yifan 
3 2022Cognitive distortions and problem gambling in sports bettingPhua, Philip Yi Xian; Pyun, Do Young; Leng, Ho Keat 
42018Development of a scale to measure gamer experiences in sport video gamesLeng, Ho Keat ; Pyun, Do Young
52021Differences between gamblers and non-gamblers on sports betting websitesLeng, Ho Keat ; Phua, Philip Yi Xian; Pyun, Do Young; Kwon, Hyungil Harry; Lin, Yen-Chun
62020Discourse on the physical education classes formed within primary school students in SingaporeChung, Ho Jin ; Leng, Ho Keat ; Park, Chanmin
72019Effect of brand familiarity on sponsor recall: Evidence from swimming competitionsLeng, Ho Keat ; Wu, Xinran; Zhong, Deping
82022Effect of colours on sponsor recallToh, Brendon; Leng, Ho Keat ; Phua, Philip Yi Xian
92021Effect of social environment on brand recall in sports video gamesLeng, Ho Keat ; Ibrahim Mohamad Rozmand; Low, Yu Hong; Phua, Philip Yi Xian
102017Let’s go cycling: An analysis of tourists’ experience on online user-generated contentChiu, Weisheng; Leng, Ho Keat 
112018Marketing sport coaching services on social network sites: An examination of social influence and country-of-origin effectKoh, Jia Yi; Leng, Ho Keat 
122013Methodological issues in using data from social networking sitesLeng, Ho Keat 
132020Self-presentation of Iranian football players on Instagram during the 2018 World CupSadeghi, Shohreh; Leng, Ho Keat 
142021A typology of countries using place branding through sportRichelieu, André; Lin, Yen-Chun; Leng, Ho Keat 
152015Use of Facebook in physical activity intervention programme: Test of self-determination theoryWang, John Chee Keng ; Leng, Ho Keat ; Kee, Ying Hwa