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Teo Chin Soon, Peter
Teo, Peter
English Language & Literature (ELL)


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Bridging policy and practice: A study of EFL teacher talk in ChinaTeo, Peter 
22004"Clean and green — That's the way we like it": Greening a country, building a nationTeo, Peter 
32023Dialogic instruction in a Chinese EFL classroom: A practitioner perspectiveCui, Ruiguo; Teo, Peter 
42015“Every teacher, a caring educator”: A multimodal discourse analysis of a teacher recruitment video in SingaporeNg, Jessie Wan Qing; Teo, Peter 
52020Exploring the dialogic space in teaching: A study of pre-university classroom talk in SingaporeTeo, Peter 
62016Exploring the dialogic space in teaching: A study of teacher talk in the preuniversity classroom in SingaporeTeo, Peter 
72015Imag(in)ing the nation: A critical discourse analysis of Singapore’s National Day Rally speechTeo, Peter ; Cui, Ruiguo
82020Institutional self-promotion: A comparative study of appraisal resources used by top- and second-tier universities in China and AmericaXie, Chaoqun; Teo, Peter 
92016Integrating classroom discourse for reflective practice and professional developmentTeo, Peter 
102021‘It all begins with a teacher’: A multimodal critical discourse analysis of Singapore’s teacher recruitment videosTeo, Peter 
112007The marketisation of higher education: A comparative case-study of two universities in SingaporeTeo, Peter 
122019Marketization of universities in China: A critical discourse analysis of the university president’s messageTeo, Peter ; Ren, Songsha
13Jul-2011Of monsters and mayhem: Teaching suspense stories in a SingaporeTeo, Peter ; Kramer-Dahl, Anneliese
142008Outside in/inside out: Bridging the gap in literacy education in Singapore classroomsTeo, Peter 
151999"Process writing": Peer evaluation revisitedTeo, Peter 
162019Teaching for the 21st century: A case for dialogic pedagogyTeo, Peter 
172023Thinking through talk: Using dialogue to develop students' critical thinkingCui, Ruiguo; Teo, Peter 
18Mar-2005Three dimensions of effective pedagogy: Preliminary findings, codings and vignettes from a study of literacy practices in Singapore secondary schools (observation phase)Kramer-Dahl, Anneliese; Teo, Peter ; Chia, Alexius Ti Yong; Churchill, Karina
192020Tuning up the promotional volume: Comparing the About Us texts of top- and second-tier universities in China and AmericaXie, Chaoqun; Teo, Peter