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Csilla Weninger
Weninger, Csilla
English Language & Literature (ELL)

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1 2022Affective governance as multimodal discursive practice in Singapore' COVID-19 vaccination videoXu, Huimin; Weninger, Csilla 
22022Fostering 21st century competencies among lower progress learnersde Roock, Roberto; Weninger, Csilla 
32020Fostering cross-cultural communication and understanding in the English language writingTupas, T. Ruanni F.; Weninger, Csilla ; Mizusawa, Ken 
42017Fostering cross-cultural communication and understanding in the English language writing classTupas, T. Ruanni F.; Weninger, Csilla ; Mizusawa, Ken ; Kiss, Tass
5 2022Goffman and sociolinguisticsWeninger, Csilla ; Williams, Patrick
62021“I expect boredom”: Students' experiences and expectations of multiliteracies learningLim, Fei Victor ; Weninger, Csilla ; Nguyen, Thi Thu Ha
72017The influence of individual and contextual variables on teachers’ understanding and classroom practice of media literacyWeninger, Csilla ; Hong, Helen; Koh, Elizabeth 
82020Investigating ideology through framing: A critical discourse analysis of a critical literacy lessonWeninger, Csilla 
92010The lexico-grammar of partnerships: Corpus patterns of facilitated agencyWeninger, Csilla 
102020Mapping out unequal Englishes in English-medium classroomsTupas, T. Ruanni F.; Weninger, Csilla 
112020Media literacy in the teaching of English in SingaporeWeninger, Csilla ; Choo, Suzanne S. ; Hu, Guangwei; Williams, Patrick; Kan, Katy Hoi-Yi
122022Multiliteracies in the Singapore English Language classroom: Designing learningLim, Fei Victor ; Chia, Alexius Ti Yong ; Weninger, Csilla ; Tan-Chia, Lydia; Nguyen, Thi Thu Ha; Tan, Jia Min; Peters, Charles Matthew; Adams, Jonathon; Towndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander) ; Unsworth, Len
132020Multiliteracies in the Singapore English language classroom: Perceptions and practices.Lim, Fei Victor ; Weninger, Csilla ; Chia, Alexius Ti Yong ; Nguyen, Thi Thu Ha; Tan, Jia Min; Adams, Jonathon; Tan-Chia, Lydia; Peters, Charles Matthew; Towndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander) ; Unsworth, Len
142020Multimodality in critical language textbook analysisWeninger, Csilla 
152022Performing microcelebrity: Analyzing Papi Jiang's online persona through stance and styleWeninger, Csilla ; Li, Danyun
162017School-based media literacy education: balancing critique, ethics and creative expressionWeninger, Csilla ; Choo, Suzanne S. ; Williams, Patrick; Hu, Guangwei
172013A semiotic exploration of cultural potential in EFL textbooksKiss, Tamas; Weninger, Csilla 
182022Skill versus social practice? Some challenges in teaching digital literacy in the university classroomWeninger, Csilla 
192017The ‘vernacularisation’ of global education policy: Media and digital literacy as 21st century skills in SingaporeWeninger, Csilla