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Rajdeep Singh RAWAT
Rawat, Rajdeep Singh
Natural Sciences & Science Education (NSSE)


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12014A 160 kJ dual plasma focus (DuPF) for fusion-relevant materials testing and nano-materials fabricationSaw, Sor Heoh; Damideh, Vahid; Chong, Perk Lin; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Lee, Sing
22010Absolute measurements of fast neutrons using yttriumRoshan, M. V.; Springham, Stuart Victor ; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Krishnan, M.
3Jul-2008Application of plasma focus device for deposition of nanostructured magnetic thin films and ion-irradiation induced nanostructuring of PLAD grown magnetic thin filmsRawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Zhang, Tao; Lin, Jiaji; Pan, Zhenying; Lee, Paul Choon Keat 
42020Atmospheric microplasma based binary Pt3Co nanoflowers synthesisWang, Ying; Ouyang, Bo; Zhang, Bowei; Boluo, Yadian; Huang, Yizhong; Raju V. Ramanujan; Ostrikov, Kostya (Ken); Rawat, Rajdeep Singh 
52009Backward high energy ion beams from plasma focusRoshan, M. V.; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Lee, Sing; Talebitaher, A.; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Springham, Stuart Victor 
62021Broad-energy oxygen ion implantation controlled magnetization dynamics in CoFeTaZrVas, Joseph Vimal; Rohit Medwal; Ushnish Chaudhuri; Mayank Mishra; Avinash Chaurasiya; Ramanathan Mahendiran; Piramanayagam, S. N.; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Lee, Paul Choon Keat 
72020C-plasma derived precise volumetric buffering for high-rate and stable alloying-type energy storageOuyang, Bo; Chao, Dongliang; Jia, Guichong; Zhang, Zheng; Kan, Erjun; Jin Fan, Hong; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh 
82021Catalyst free growth of ZnO thin film nanostructures on Si substrate by thermal evaporationMuhammad Hassan; Lin, Jiaji; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh 
92012Coded aperture imaging of alpha source spatial distributionAlireza Talebitaher; Shutler, Paul; Springham, Stuart Victor ; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Lee, Paul Choon Keat 
102012Coded aperture imaging of fusion source in a plasma focus operated with pure D2 and a D2-Kr gas admixtureSpringham, Stuart Victor ; Talebitaher, A.; Shutler, Paul; Lee, Sing; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Lee, Paul Choon Keat 
112008Computing plasma focus pinch current from total current measurementLee, Sing; Saw, Sor Heoh; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Schmidt, H.
121993Crystallization of an amorphous lead zirconate titanate thin film with a dense-plasma-focus deviceRawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Srivastava, M. P.; Tandon, S.; Mansingh, A.
132014Current sheath formation dynamics and structure for different insulator lengths of plasma focus deviceSeng, Yeow Sing; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh 
142014Current sheath formation in the plasma focusSeng, Yeow Sing; Lee, Peter Peng Foo; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh 
152006D(3He,p)4He and D(d,p)3H fusion in a small plasma focus operated in a deuterium helium-3 gas mixtureSpringham, Stuart Victor ; Sim, Tzong Haur; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Patran, Alin Constantin; Shutler, Paul; Tan, Augustine Tuck Lee ; Lee, Sing
162004Effect of energetic ion irradiation on Cdl2 filmsRawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Arun, P.; Vedeshwar, A. G.; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Lee, Sing
172012Effects of laser energy fluence on the onset and growth of the Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities and its influence on the topography of the Fe thin film grown in pulsed laser deposition facilityMahmood, S.; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Wang, Y.; Lee, Sing; Zakaullah, M.; Tan, Augustine Tuck Lee ; Springham, Stuart Victor ; Lee, Paul Choon Keat 
182010Electronic, structural and magnetic characterization of bulk (ZnO)1−x(MnO2)x system and their PLD synthesized thin films at room temperatureKaramat, S.; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Mohammad Ghaffari; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Tan, Augustine Tuck Lee 
192012Enhanced indirect ferromagnetic p-d exchange coupling of Mn in oxygen rich ZnO:Mn nanoparticles synthesized by wet chemical methodUsman Ilyas; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Tan, Augustine Tuck Lee ; Lee, Paul Choon Keat ; Chen, R.; Sun, H. D.; Li, Fengji; Zhang, Sam
202020Enhancing bifunctionality of CoN nanowires by Mn doping for long-lasting Zn-air batteriesZhang, Yongqi; Ouyang, Bo; Long, Guankui; Tan, Hua; Wang, Zhe; Zhang, Zheng; Gao, Weibo; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Fan, Hong Jin