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Heng Tang Tang
Heng, Tang Tang
Policy, Curriculum and Leadership (PCL)


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12021At the intersection of educational change and borrowing: Teachers implementing learner-centred education in SingaporeHeng, Tang Tang ; Song, Lynn
22018Chinese international students’ advice to incoming Chinese freshmen: Involving students in conversations with them, not about themHeng, Tang Tang 
32020“Chinese students themselves are changing”: Why we need alternative perspectives of Chinese international studentsHeng, Tang Tang 
42018Coping strategies of Chinese international undergraduates in response to challenges in U.S. collegesHeng, Tang Tang 
52016Different is not deficient: Contradicting stereotypes of Chinese international students in US higher educationHeng, Tang Tang 
62021Differentiated instruction: Ten teachers’ implementation in SingaporeHeng, Tang Tang 
72021Diversity, difference, equity: How student differences are socially constructed in SingaporeHeng, Tang Tang ; Lim, Leonel Tze-Wei 
82020Examining the role of theory in qualitative research: A literature review of studies on Chinese international students in higher educationHeng, Tang Tang 
92018Exploring the complex and non-linear evolution of Chinese international students’ experiences in USA collegesHeng, Tang Tang 
102020Exploring the link between assessment and differentiated instructionHeng, Tang Tang ; Song, Lynn
112022Intersections of identity and status in international students′ perceptions of culturally engaging campus environmentsGlass, Chris R.; Heng, Tang Tang ; Hou, Minghui
122023Lessons on educational borrowing and change: Teachers' implementation of differentiated instruction in SingaporeHeng, Tang Tang 
132014The nature of interactions between Chinese immigrant families and preschool staff: How culture, class, and methodology matterHeng, Tang Tang 
142020A proposed framework for understanding educational change and transfer: Insights from Singapore teachers' perceptions of differentiated instructionHeng, Tang Tang ; Song, Lynn
152020The role of theory in qualitative research: Insights from studies on Chinese international students in higher education.Heng, Tang Tang 
162011Sociocultural misalignments faced by preschool Chinese emergent bilinguals: A case studyHeng, Tang Tang 
172021Socioculturally attuned understanding of and engagement with Chinese international undergraduatesHeng, Tang Tang 
182019"This game is an eye-opener": The power of simulation gamesHeng, Tang Tang ; Song, Lynn
192019Understanding the heterogeneity of international students’ experiences: A case study of Chinese international students in U.S. universitiesHeng, Tang Tang 
202021Understanding the interaction of assessment, learning and context: Insights from SingaporeHeng, Tang Tang ; Song, Lynn; Tan, Kelvin