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Chong, Wan Har
Psychology and Child & Human Development (PCHD)


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Engaging students in the classroom and school: How students' self-efficacy beliefs and teacher support matter to support positive youth developmentChong, Wan Har 
22012How teacher-student relationship influenced student attitude towards teachers and schoolHuan, Vivien Swee Leng ; Quek, Choon Lang ; Yeo, Lay See ; Ang, Rebecca P. ; Chong, Wan Har 
32004The impact of a socio-cognitive training program on self-processes and the self-regulatory functioning of low achieving students in SingaporeChong, Wan Har 
42017Impact of teacher-student relationship (TSR): A comparison study between students with and without intellectual disabillityNg, Julyn; Chong, Wan Har 
52011An inclusion initiative in Singapore for preschool children with special needsYeo, Lay See ; Neihart, Maureen; Tang, Hui Nee; Chong, Wan Har ; Huan, Vivien Swee Leng 
62013Inclusive education in Singapore primary school classroomsYeo, Lay See ; Neihart, Maureen; Chong, Wan Har ; Huan, Vivien Swee Leng 
72016Instilling educational hope to strengthen the link between the teacher-student relationship and student engagementKit, Irena Phey Ling; Liem, Gregory Arief D. ; Ang, Rebecca P. ; Chong, Wan Har ; Huan, Vivien Swee Leng 
8 2022Predictors of maternal distress among mothers in economic hardship: A classification and regression tree analysis (CART)Chong, Wan Har ; Wen, Daniel John Rongwei; Goh, Esther C. L.
92015Preventive child healthcare in Singapore: A parents’ well-being perspectiveChong, Wan Har ; Choo, HyeKyung; Goh, Esther C. L.; Wee, Patricia Y. Y.; Goh, Winnie H. S.; Chay, Oh Moy
102017Promoting student engagement: Interplay of perceived self-beliefs and teacher support in fostering positive youth developmentChong, Wan Har ; Kit, Irena Phey Ling; Liem, Gregory Arief D. ; Ang, Rebecca P. ; Huan, Vivien Swee Leng 
11Sep-2000Role of motivational and self-regulatory processes on academic and social functioning of lower secondary school studentsChong, Wan Har ; Smith, Ian David
122003The role of self-regulatory and motivational processes in the academic and social functioning of secondary one studentsChong, Wan Har 
13 2022The role of teachers' instrumental and emotional support in students' academic buoyancy, engagement, and academic skills: A study of high school and elementary school students in different national contextsGranziera, Helena; Liem, Gregory Arief D. ; Chong, Wan Har ; Martin, Andrew J.; Collie, Rebecca J.; Bishop, Michelle; Tynan, Lauren
142017The roles of self-efficacy beliefs and Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR) in student engagement perspectives from Normal Stream studentsChong, Wan Har ; Huan, Vivien Swee Leng ; Liem, Gregory Arief D. ; Kit, Irena Phey Ling; Ang, Rebecca P. 
15 2022Teacher-student relationship and student engagement: The moderating role of educational hopeKit, Irena Phey Ling; Liem, Gregory Arief D. ; Chong, Wan Har