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LIM Heng Fook Levan
Lim, Levan
Psychology and Child & Human Development (PCHD)


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2006Coping with diverse abilities in mainstream schoolsLim, Levan ; Thaver, Thana
2Nov-1998Creativity and disability: Some insights for educatorsTan, Ai-Girl ; Lim, Levan 
32003Designing problem-based learning using the internet: WebQuest as an instructional toolThaver, Thana; Heng, Mary Anne ; Lim, Levan 
42021Differentiated instruction for students with special educational needs in mainstream classrooms: Contextual features and types of curriculum modificationsStrogilos, Vasilis; Lim, Levan ; Nasreena Mohamed Buhari
52020Differentiation as a means to inclusion (DIMI)Lim, Levan ; Strogilos, Vasilis
62019Differentiation as a means to inclusion.Lim, Levan ; Strogilos, Vasilis
71998The educated heart: As cunning as a serpent, as innocent as a doveLim, Levan ; Mau, Rosalind Y.
81999Enhancing special education staff learning and developmentLim, Levan ; Nomanbhoy, Diana M.; Quah, May Ling
91999The importance of encouragementLim, Levan 
102000An intervention framework to address learning and behavioural concernsLim, Levan ; Gan, Linda; Rose, Dennis
112006Learning assistance and regular teachers’ perceptions of inclusive education in Brunei DarussalamKoay, Teng Leong; Lim, Levan ; Sim, Wong Kooi; Elkins, John
121998Person-centred planning for pupils at-riskLim, Levan 
13Nov-2000Promoting a person-centred approach to vocational services for adults with disabilities in SingaporeLim, Levan ; Sim, June
141999Self-Management interventionsLam, Audrey; Lim, Levan 
152004Special education in Singapore: Celebrating the past, envisioning the futureQuah, May Ling; Lim, Levan ; Poon-McBrayer, Kim Fong
16Dec-2006Transition from school to adult life for youth with disabilitiesLim, Levan 
171999The value of “Being” an older professionerLim, Levan ; Mau, Rosalind Y.
181999作为一位年长专业者的价值Lim, Levan ; Mau, Rosalind Y.