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Lim Kam Ming
Lim, Kam Ming
Office of Academic Administration and Services (OAAS)
Psychology and Child & Human Development (PCHD)

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2014Beginning teachers’ pedagogical skills and knowledge towards positive pedagogic teacher-student relationshipsChoy, Doris ; Wong, Angela F. L.; Chong, Sylvia; Lim, Kam Ming 
22013Beginning teachers’ perceptions of their pedagogical knowledge and skills in teaching: A three year studyChoy, Doris ; Wong, Angela F. L.; Lim, Kam Ming ; Chong, Sylvia
3Sep-2015Bridging higher education and vocational education and training to create flexible education pathways and to improve students employabilityLim, Kam Ming 
4Nov-2009Building an evidence-base for initiaul teacher education (ITE) in NIE: A bridging projectLow, Ee Ling ; Lim, Kam Ming ; Tay, Eng Guan ; Ng, Pak Tee ; Selim Ben Said; Hui, Chenri; Lam, Audrey
5 2023Children's lifeworlds in a global city: SingaporeSoo, Johannah Li Mei ; Nanthini Karthikeyan; Lim, Kam Ming ; Bartholomaeus, Clare; Yelland, Nicola
62007Coping behaviours of adolescent students in SingaporeChan, Wei Meng; Lim, Kam Ming 
7Dec-1999Evaluation of student-designed websites as a mode of assessmentLim, Kam Ming 
8Apr-2012A four-year longitudinal study of the development of student teachers’ pedagogical knowledge and skills in teachingChoy, Doris ; Wong, Angela F. L.; Chong, Sylvia; Lim, Kam Ming ; Goh, Kim Chuan
92020The influence of school entry skills in literacy and numeracy on the science achievement of fourth grade students and schools in Asian regionsChen, Yu; Guo, Chorng-Jee; Lim, Kam Ming ; Mun, Kong-Ju; Otsuji, Hisashi; Park, Young-Shin; Sorrell, David; So, Wing Mui Winnie
102021Lifeworlds of nine and ten year old children: Out-of-school activities in three global citiesYelland, Nicola; Muspratt, Sandy; Bartholomaeus, Clare; Nanthini Karthikeyan; Chan, Anita Kit Wa; Leung, Vivienne Wai Man; Lee, I-Fang; Soo, Johannah Li Mei ; Lim, Kam Ming ; Saltmarsh, Sue
11Sep-2014Linkage and collaboration between universities and industries in SingaporeLim, Kam Ming 
12 2021Models of instruction and mathematics teaching in classrooms of Singapore secondary schoolsToh, Tin Lam ; Cheng, Lu Pien ; Lim, Lee Hean ; Lim, Kam Ming 
132005Positive social climate for enhancing students' math self-concept: some research findingsLui, Elena Hah Wah; Lim, Kam Ming ; Liu, Woon Chia ; Toh, Tin Lam 
142016Preparing teachers for the 21st centuryLim, Kam Ming ; Tay, Eng Guan 
15Jul-2003Prosocial attitudes of Youth Expedition Project (YEP) participants: A preliminary studyKhoo, Angeline; Lim, Kam Ming ; Liau, Albert
162018Provision of early field experiences for teacher candidates in Singapore and how it can contribute to teacher resilience and retentionNg, Pak Tee ; Lim, Kam Ming ; Low, Ee Ling ; Hui, Chenri
172002Reflections on the development of psychology in SingaporeTan, Ai-Girl ; Lim, Kam Ming 
182012Relating use of digital technology by pre-service teachers to confidence: A Singapore surveyYeung, Alexander Seeshing; Lim, Kam Ming ; Tay, Eng Guan ; Lam-Chiang, Audrey Cheausim; Hui, Chenri
19Dec-1999Roles of the Singapore Psychological Society and its contributions to educationYau, Tow Yee; Lim, Kam Ming 
202021Scaling up the education research: Magical (SUPERMAGICAL): use of comics in teaching mathematics.Toh, Tin Lam ; Cheng, Lu Pien ; Lim, Lee Hean ; Lim, Kam Ming