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BAILDON Mark Charles
Baildon, Mark
Humanities & Social Studies Education (HSSE)

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Anxieties over Singapore students’ conceptions about history and the pastSuhaimi Afandi; Baildon, Mark 
22013Book review [Review of the book Squatters into citizens: The 1961 Bukit Ho Swee Fire and the making of modern Singapore, by K. S. Loh]Baildon, Mark 
32016Book review [Review of the book Technology in the middle and secondary social studies classroom, by Scott K. Scheuerell]Baildon, Mark ; Baildon, Brady
42020Climate justice literacy: Stories-we-live-by, ecolinguistics, and classroom practiceDamico, James; Baildon, Mark ; Panos, Alexandra
52020Commentary: Inquiry-based learning and teachingBaildon, Mark 
62020Commentary: Inquiry-based learning and teachingBaildon, Mark 
72016Context and curriculum in two global cities: A study of discourses of citizenship in Hong Kong and SingaporeAlviar-Martin, Theresa; Baildon, Mark 
82014Designing classrooms of the future now!Starker, Ron; Baildon, Mark 
92016Developing conceptual understanding in social studies using technology and discussionBaildon, Mark ; Lin, Michelle; Chia, Gean
10May-2012Engaging students and developing 21st century skills: Using a web-based tool to scaffold student interest and inquiryBaildon, Mark 
112012Evaluating online sources: Helping students determine trustworthiness, readability, and usefulnessBaildon, Mark ; Baildon, Rindi
122018History education research and practice: An international perspectiveBaildon, Mark ; Suhaimi Afandi
132021The influence of a collaborative PD programme on teachers’ self-efficacy and its sustainability in teaching low progress learners.Teo, Tang Wee ; Baildon, Mark ; Tan, Thea
142016Issues-centred global citizenship education in Asia: Curricular challenges and possibilities in nation-centric and neoliberal timesAlviar-Martin, Theresa; Baildon, Mark 
152011Judging the credibility of internet sources: Developing critical and reflexive readers of complex digital textsBaildon, Mark ; Damico, James
162018Media literacy and climate change in a post-truth societyDamico, James; Baildon, Mark ; Panos, Alexandra
17Nov-2021Research findings on inquiry in classrooms: Implications for teaching and learningBaildon, Mark 
18 2022Responsive education in times of crisisZembylas, Michalinos; Baildon, Mark ; Kwek, Dennis Beng Kiat
192016Serious fun: Game design to support learning about the surrender of SingaporeGaydos, Matthew Joseph; Tharuka Maduwanthi Prematillake; Neo, Wei Leng; Tan, Connie; Suhaimi Afandi; Baildon, Mark 
202019Sparking joy in history classroomsBaildon, Mark ; Chelva Rajah S. N.; Suhaimi Afandi