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Zhu Gaoxia
Zhu, Gaoxia
Learning Sciences and Assessment (LSA)


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022Collaborative analytics-supported reflective assessment for scaffolding pre-service teachers′ collaborative inquiry and knowledge buildingYang, Yuqin; Zhu, Gaoxia ; Sun, Daner; Chan, Carol K. K.
22023Daily adolescent purposefulness, daily subjective well-being, and individual differences in autistic traitsRatner, Kaylin; Li, Qingyi; Zhu, Gaoxia ; Estevez, Melody; Burrow, Anthony L.
32022Discourse moves and emotion in knowledge building discourse and MetadiscourseZhu, Gaoxia ; Scardamalia, Marlene; Moreno, Matthew; Martins, Michael; Raadiyah Nazeem; Lai, Zhixin
42022Evolution of the academic emotions of academically low-achieving students in knowledge buildingYang, Yuqin; Zhu, Gaoxia ; Chan, Carol K. K.
52022Exploring pre-service teachers' democratizing knowledge in a knowledge building community: Indicators and resultsZhu, Gaoxia ; Chai, Shaoming; Ding, Meirong
62022Gains in youth resilience during self-driven learning may be moderated by their pathways to purposeZhu, Gaoxia ; Burrow, Anthony L.
72022Integrating infrared technologies in science learning: An evidence-based reasoning perspectivePei, Bo; Xing, Wanli; Zhu, Gaoxia ; Antonyan, Kristine; Xie, Charles
8Mar-2023Interacting with supportive adults predicts greater same‒day psychosocial functioning among adolescents in a self‒driven learning programRatner, Kaylin; Zhu, Gaoxia ; Li, Qingyi; Estevez, Melody; Burrow, Anthony L
92022Mining teacher informal online learning networks: Insights from massive educational chat tweetsDu, Hanxiang; Xing, Wanli; Zhu, Gaoxia 
102022Share and embrace demographic and location diversity: Creating an Instagram-based inclusive online learning communityZhu, Wangda; Hua, Ying; Zhu, Gaoxia ; Wang, Luping
112023Teachers scaffold student discourse and emotions in Knowledge Building classroomsZhu, Gaoxia ; Lin, Feng
122022Using learning analytics to explore the multifaceted engagement in collaborative learningXing, Wanli; Zhu, Gaoxia ; Arslan, Okan; Shim, Jaesub; Popov, Vitaliy