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DONG Fengming
Dong, F. M.
Mathematics & Mathematics Education (MME)


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022Anti-Ramsey numbers for trees in complete multi-partite graphsZhang, Meiqiao; Dong, F. M. 
2Nov-2008Bounds for the real zeros of chromatic polynomialsDong, F. M. ; Koh, Khee Meng
32012A characterisation of cycle-disjoint graphs with unique minimum weakly connected dominating setKoh, Khee Meng; Ting, T. S.; Dong, F. M. 
42011Chromatic roots of a ring of four cliquesDong, F. M. ; Royle, Gordon; Wagner, Dave
52004Chromatically unique multibridge graphsDong, F. M. ; Teo, Kee Leong; Little, Charles H. C.; Hendy, Michael; Koh, Khee Meng
62022Counting spanning trees in a complete bipartite graph which contain a given spanning forestDong, F. M. ; Ge, Jun
72021DP color functions versus chromatic polynomialsDong, F. M. ; Yang, Yan
82022Express the number of spanning trees in term of degreesDong, F. M. ; Ge, Jun; Ouyang, Zhangdong
92018From G-parking functions to B-parking functionsDong, F. M. 
102004Graph-functions associated with an edge-propertyDong, F. M. ; Hendy, Michael; Teo, Kee Leong; Little, Charles H. C.
112010Lower bound on the weakly connected domination number of a cycledisjoint graphKoh, Khee Meng; Ting, T. S.; Xu, Z. L.; Dong, F. M. 
12May-2006Mathematical problem solving for integrated programme studentsTay, Eng Guan ; Quek, Khiok Seng; Dong, F. M. ; Lee, Tuo Yeong; Lim-Teo, Suat Khoh; Toh, Tin Lam ; Ho, Foo Him
132021The maximal 1-planarity and crossing numbers of graphsOuyang, Zhangdong; Huang, Yuanqiu; Dong, F. M. 
142019New expressions for order polynomials and chromatic polynomialsDong, F. M. 
152022New upper bounds for the crossing numbers of crossing-critical graphsDing, Zhongpeng; Ouyang, Zhangdong; Huang, Yuanqiu; Dong, F. M. 
162017A note on distance spectral radius of treesWang, Yanna; Xing, Rundan; Zhou, Bo; Dong, F. M. 
172006On graphs having no chromatic zeros in (1, 2)Dong, F. M. ; Koh, Khee Meng
182015On graphs having no flow roots in the Interval (1, 2)Dong, F. M. 
192018On graphs whose flow polynomials have real roots onlyDong, F. M. 
202020On nonfeasible edge sets in matching-covered graphsZhao, Xiao; Dong, F. M. ; Chen, Sheng