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Lum Chee Hoo
Lum, Chee Hoo
Visual & Performing Arts (VPA)

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Arts Research on Teachers and Students 2 (ARTS2): Pedagogies and practicesTan, Liang See; Letchmi Devi Ponnusamy ; Bacsal, Myra Garces; Lum, Chee Hoo 
21998Caging the prepared piano : aesthetics and performance aspects of the prepared piano works of John CageLum, Chee Hoo 
32012Creating polyphony with exploratory web documentation in SingaporeLim, Sirene May Yin; Lum, Chee Hoo 
42014The development of the general music programme in primary and secondary schoolsStead, Peter; Lum, Chee Hoo 
52000Fostering creative thinking through group music composition in primary school pupilsLum, Chee Hoo 
6Apr-2011Images of preschool teaching in Singapore: Making the familiar strange through multimedia web representationsLim, Sirene May Yin; Lum, Chee Hoo ; Zhou, Xiaolei
72022Jamming in the intercultural space: Collaborative creative processes of an experimental music group in SingaporeLum, Chee Hoo 
82016Learning through popular music, lessons for the general music programme syllabus in SingaporeDairianathan, Eugene ; Hilarian, Larry Francis; Stead, Peter; Lum, Chee Hoo ; Ng, Hoon Hong
92017Music teacher professional development in Singapore: Mapping the landscapeBautista, Alfredo; Towndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander) ; Lum, Chee Hoo ; Chua, Siew Ling; Dube, Francis; Marin, Cristina; Wong, Joanne; Toh, Guo Zheng; Yau, Xenia
10Mar-2009Musical behaviours of primary school children in SingaporeLum, Chee Hoo 
112020Teaching diverse learners: Conceptualisations and pedagogies of preschool teachersLim, Sirene May Yin; Lum, Chee Hoo ; Zhou, Xiaolei
122011Teaching diverse learners: Conceptualizations and pedagogies of preschool teachersLim, Sirene May Yin; Lum, Chee Hoo ; Zhou, Xiaolei
132010Vedic metal: issues of local practice, popular music and educationDairianathan, Eugene ; Lum, Chee Hoo