Seow Ing Chin Dorothy Tricia

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Seow Ing Chin Dorothy Tricia
Seow, Tricia
Humanities & Social Studies Education (HSSE)


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Context and embodiment: Investigating the subject conceptions and practice of pre-service geography teachers in SingaporeSeow, Tricia 
22021Developing my groupwork buddy for geography (MGBGeo)Koh, Elizabeth ; Hong, Helen; Ng, Betsy Ling Ling ; Seow, Tricia 
3Nov-2010Field inquiry for Singapore geography teachersChang, Chew Hung ; Seow, Tricia 
42020Field-based enquiry in geography: The influence of Singapore teachers' subject identities on their practiceSeow, Tricia ; Irvine, Kim N.; Ismath Beevi; Tharuka Maduwanthi Prematillake
52022Framing human-environment connections through waterscapes: A geographic lens for teaching and learning about water resourcesIrvine, Kim N.; Chang, Chew Hung ; Seow, Tricia ; Das, Diganta ; Ho, Huu Loc
62015How high’s the water, Mama? A reflection on water resource education in SingaporeIrvine, Kim N.; Seow, Tricia ; Leong, Ka Wai; Cheong, Diana Sze Ing
7Nov-2021Inquiry-based learning in geographical and environmental education: The example of water quality studies in the Singapore contextSeow, Tricia 
82015(Re)constructing the nation? Representations of public housing in school geography textbooksSeow, Tricia ; Das, Diganta ; Chang, Julian
92016Reconciling discourse about geography and teaching geography: The case of Singapore pre-service teachersSeow, Tricia 
102019The sustainability learning lab: Enhancing geographical inquiry in the field and classroomsSeow, Tricia ; Irvine, Kim N.; Chang, Julian
112014“There is no easy solution": Singapore teachers’ perspectives and practice of climate change educationSeow, Tricia ; Ho, Li-Ching
122022Towards transformative pedagogies for sustainability educationTan, Qian Hui; Seow, Tricia 
132018Understanding teachers’ knowledge and practice of lower secondary geographical investigationsSeow, Tricia ; Irvine, Kim N.
142020Understanding teachers’ knowledge and practice of lower secondary geographical investigationsSeow, Tricia ; Irvine, Kim N.
152016Whose place is this space? Exploring place perceptions and the cultural politics of place through a field-based lessonSeow, Tricia ; Chang, Julian