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Kit Phey Ling
Kit, Irena Phey Ling
Psychology and Child & Human Development (PCHD)

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Building a culture of CARE in Singapore schools: Lessons from online counselling with primary school childrenKit, Irena Phey Ling ; Teo, Chua Tee ; Tan, Meilinda; Park, Yuhyun
22016Changing conceptualization of the role of educational psychologists in SingaporeKit, Irena Phey Ling 
32016The counsellor as mediator: Using mediated learning experiences to build social emotional competencies with childrenKit, Irena Phey Ling ; Chng, Paulina Sock Wah
42014Cross-cultural considerations with Asian Indian American clients: A perspective on psychological assessmentDutt, Anuradha Salil Kumar ; Kit, Irena Phey Ling 
52004Factors influencing the crisis pregnancy decision making process of Singapore adolescentsKit, Irena Phey Ling 
62016Instilling educational hope to strengthen the link between the teacher-student relationship and student engagementKit, Irena Phey Ling ; Liem, Gregory Arief D. ; Ang, Rebecca P. ; Chong, Wan Har ; Huan, Vivien Swee Leng 
72015Making the road by walking: Using role-play and instructor feedback to teach basic counseling skills to Singaporean trainee educational psychologistsKit, Irena Phey Ling ; Bacsal, Myra Garces; Burgetova, Kristina
82012Novice group counsellors’ experiences in In-Class Face-To-Face And On-Line Support groups : a qualitative studyKit, Irena Phey Ling 
92017Promoting student engagement: Interplay of perceived self-beliefs and teacher support in fostering positive youth developmentChong, Wan Har ; Kit, Irena Phey Ling ; Liem, Gregory Arief D. ; Ang, Rebecca P. ; Huan, Vivien Swee Leng 
102017The roles of self-efficacy beliefs and Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR) in student engagement perspectives from Normal Stream studentsChong, Wan Har ; Huan, Vivien Swee Leng ; Liem, Gregory Arief D. ; Kit, Irena Phey Ling ; Ang, Rebecca P. 
112018Strengthening support for children and youth in Singapore: A personal therapy approach to training paraprofessional counsellorsKit, Irena Phey Ling ; Tang, Peiwen
12 2022Teacher-student relationship and student engagement: The moderating role of educational hopeKit, Irena Phey Ling ; Liem, Gregory Arief D. ; Chong, Wan Har