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Hung Wei Loong, David
Hung, David
Office of Education Research (OER)
Learning Sciences and Assessment (LSA)

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12001Activity theory as a framework for analyzing CBT and e-learning environmentsPang, Peggy; Hung, David 
22000Activity theory as a framework for project work in learning environmentsHung, David ; Wong, Angela F. L.
3Sep-1999Activity theory as an instructional model: A case study of a computer-mediated support system in interdisciplinary project workHung, David ; Manu Kapur; Wong, Angela F. L.; Poh, Sui Hoi
4 2022Addressing the skills gap: What schools can do to cultivate innovation and problem solvingHung, David ; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Lee, June; Lee, Shu-Shing ; Wong, Zi Yang; Liu, Mei; Koh, Thiam Seng
52015Apprenticeship, epistemic learning, and diffusion of innovations in educationHung, David ; Azilawati Jamaludin ; Toh, Yancy
62000Appropriating and negotiating knowledge: Technologies for a community of learnersHung, David ; Chen, Der-Thanq 
72004Augmentation in learning: Supports which do not fade awayChen, Der-Thanq ; Hung, David 
82012Authenticity in learning for the twenty-first century: Bridging the formal and informalHung, David ; Lee, Shu-Shing ; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
92002Beyond information pumping: Creating a constructivist e-learning environmentTan, Seng Chee ; Hung, David 
10 2022Building a cohesive twenty-first century learning-orientated community in Singapore--Summary and conclusionWu, Longkai; Hung, David ; Lau, Sin Yee; He, Sujin
112018Building the science of research management: What can research management learn from education research?Huang, David Junsong ; Hung, David 
122002Can a community of practice exist online?Nichani, Maish R.; Hung, David 
132004Conceptualising a framework for engaged learning in the context of IT masterplan II in SingaporeTeo, Yiong Hwee; Chai, Ching Sing; Hung, David ; Quek, Choon Lang 
14Sep-2000Constructivism and e-learning: Balancing between the individual and social levels of cognitionHung, David ; Nichani, Maish R.
15Jan-2006CoP project technical reportHedberg, John G.; Yeo, Jennifer Ai Choo; Hung, David ; Tan, Seng Chee 
162022Creating lifelong learners: Investigating metacognition as support for learning and learning transferTay, Lee Yong; Hung, David ; Chan, Melvin Chee Yeen ; Chong, Sau Kew; Caleon, Imelda S. ; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Wu, Longkai
172020Cultivating laterality in learning communities in Singapore education system: Scaling of innovation through networked learning communityHuang, David Junsong ; Hung, David ; Kwan, Yew Meng; Lim, Fei Victor ; Imran Shaari; Cheah, Yin Hong
182018Cultivating laterality in learning communities – Scaling of innovation through a networked learning communityHuang, David Junsong ; Hung, David ; Kwan, Yew Meng; Lim, Fei Victor ; Imran Shaari; Cheah, Yin Hong
192001Design principles for web-based learning: Implications from Vygotskian thoughtHung, David 
202004Design-artifacts in learning: The mediation of emotions and ideas for innovationCheah, Horn Mun; Hung, David ; Wong, Siew Koon Philip