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Ng Ee Lynn
Ng, Ee Lynn
Office of Education Research (OER)


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12021Accounting for the SES-math achievement gap at school entry: Unique mediation paths via executive functioning and behavioral self-regulationNg, Ee Lynn ; Bull, Rebecca; Khng, Kiat Hui 
22010Children’s task performance under stress and non-stress conditions: A test of the processing efficiency theoryNg, Ee Lynn ; Lee, Kerry
3Nov-2003Conceptual and empirical relationships between working memory and intelligenceNg, Ee Lynn 
4Aug-2004The contribution of working memory to structural and procedural errors in algebraic problem solvingNg, Swee Fong ; Lee, Kerry; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Lim, Zee Ying
5May-2009The contributions of working memory and executive functioning to problem representation and solution generation in algebraic word problemsLee, Kerry; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Ng, Swee Fong 
6 2022The development of early arithmetic skills: What, when, and how?Cheung, Pierina ; Munez, David ; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Khng, Kiat Hui ; Bull, Rebecca
72013Effects of test anxiety on working memory and mathematical performanceNg, Ee Lynn 
82015Effects of trait test anxiety and state anxiety on children's working memory task performanceNg, Ee Lynn ; Lee, Kerry
92021Fine motor and executive functioning skills predict maths and spelling skills at the start of kindergarten: A compensatory accountKhng, Kiat Hui ; Ng, Ee Lynn 
102021Home and school factors in early English language developmentSun, He ; Ng, Ee Lynn 
112004Predicting mathematical performance with working memory, language, intelligence, and home work measuresLee, Kerry; Ng, Swee Fong ; Ng, Ee Lynn 
12 2022Preschool teachers’ experiences of work-related stress: A pilot study of Singapore teachersNg, Ee Lynn ; Meow, Emily
13 2023Screening for executive function difficulties: An evaluation of the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function-2nd Edition Screener, Teacher Report (BRIEF2-TS)Waschl, Nicolette ; Khng, Kiat Hui; Bull, Rebecca; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Sun, He ; Chan, Wei Teng
142016Test anxiety and children’s working memory task performance: Does trait or state anxiety matter more?Ng, Ee Lynn ; Lee, Kerry
152020“That’s just impossible in my kindergarten.” Advocating for ‘glocal' early childhood curriculum frameworksBautista, Alfredo; Bull, Rebecca; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Lee, Kerry
162021Transitioning from kindergarten to primary school: Exploring the links between children’s self-regulation skills, socio-emotional competence and academic outcomes.Ng, Ee Lynn ; Bull, Rebecca; Khng, Kiat Hui ; Ang, Marlene
172021Validation of the Child Behavior Rating Scale (CBRS) using multilevel factor analysisChan, Wei Teng; Bull, Rebecca; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Waschl, Nicolette ; Poon, Kenneth K. 
182020Work-related stress in pre-school teachers and methods of assessing stress: A literature reviewNg, Ee Lynn 
19Nov-2003Working memory and mathematical word problem solvingLee, Kerry; Ng, Swee Fong ; Ng, Ee Lynn