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Sun Baoqi
Sun, Baoqi
Office of Education Research (OER)


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Are our students really reading and how do we know that? Documenting reading behaviours and library usagePaculdar, Agnes; Sun, Baoqi ; Wan, Zhong Hao
22015Biliteracy development: Metalinguistic knowledge and bilingual academic performanceCurdt-Christiansen, Xiao Lan; Hu, Guangwei; Sun, Baoqi 
32020Cultural capital, habitus and reading futures: Middle-class adolescent students’ cultivation of reading dispositions in SingaporeLoh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi 
42020Developing a reading fluency instrument for bilingual primary school children in SingaporeSun, Baoqi 
52020Do girls read differently from boys? Adolescents and their gendered reading habits and preferencesLoh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi ; Majid, Shaheen
62021The effect of the COVID-19 lockdown on bilingual Singaporean children's leisure readingSun, Baoqi ; Loh, Chin Ee ; O'Brien, Beth A. ; Silver, Rita 
72021How to kill two birds with one stone: EMI teachers' needs in higher education in ChinaCurdt-Christiansen, Xiao Lan; Gao, Bin; Sun, Baoqi 
82019“I'd still prefer to read the hard copy”: Adolescents’ print and digital reading habitsLoh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi 
92022The impact of technology use on adolescents' leisure reading preferencesLoh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi 
102021The impact of technology use on students' independent reading habits and practicesLoh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi 
112020Literature review on adolescents' in and out of school literacy practices – global and local perspectivesSun, Baoqi ; Layne, Heidi
122021Local evidence synthesis on language learning and bilingualismO'Brien, Beth A. ; Sun, He ; Chua, Deborah Fengyi; Ow, Lorraine; Sun, Baoqi 
132015Metalinguistic awareness and its relationship with academic language proficiency: a comparative study of bilingual and monolingual childrenSun, Baoqi 
142018Metalinguistic contribution to writing competence: A study of monolingual children in China and bilingual children in SingaporeSun, Baoqi ; Hu, Guangwei; Curdt-Christiansen, Xiao Lan
152010Morphological awareness in primary 3 bilingual Chinese children in SingaporeSun, Baoqi 
162021Mother Tongue teaching and learning: Views of primary school teachers in SingaporeAhadrina Supri; Sun, Baoqi 
172021Reading habits of Singapore teenagers 2021Loh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi 
18 2022Reading identities, mobilities, and reading futures: Critical spatial perspectives on adolescent access to literacy resourcesLoh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi ; Leong, Chan-Hoong
192021Report on the reading habits of bilingual children in Singapore 2021Sun, Baoqi ; Loh, Chin Ee ; O'Brien, Beth A. 
202018Report on the reading habits of Singapore teenagers 2017Loh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi