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Pan Qianqian
Pan, Qianqian
Office of Education Research (OER)


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022Examining distractor qualities of pediatrics subject tests from a national assessmentPan, Qianqian ; Jiang, Zhehan
22023E‒sports playing and its relation to lifestyle behaviors and psychological well-being: A large-scale study of collegiate e-sports players in ChinaCheng, Miaoting; Chen, Lu; Pan, Qianqian ; Gao, Yaying; Li, Jinming
32022The impact of career-related parental behaviors on career decision-making self-efficacy and ambivalence: A latent growth modelLi, Shengnan; Pan, Qianqian ; Nie, Yangang
42022Longitudinal impact of parent-teacher relationship on middle school students' academic achievements in ChinaFu, Wangqian; Pan, Qianqian ; Yuan, Ying; Chen, Guanyu
52022Parental home monitoring and support and students′ online learning and socioemotional well-being during COVID-19 school suspension in Hong KongTan, Cheng Yong; Pan, Qianqian ; Zhang, Yuxiao; Lan, Min; Law, Nancy
62022Relationship between different types of complement syntax and false belief in Mandarin-speaking children with autism spectrum disorder and typically developing childrenGuo, Qiang; Pan, Qianqian ; Liu, Qiaoyun; Wang, Tingzhao; Cao, Shuqin; Lin, Yunqiang; Hu, Bisheng
7 2022The relationship between parental career-related factors and adolescents′ ambivalence in career decision-making: A longitudinal mediation studyLi, Shengnan; Pan, Qianqian ; Nie, Yangang
82022Understanding protective and risk factors affecting adolescents' well-being during the COVID-19 pandemicLan, Min; Pan, Qianqian ; Tan, Cheng Yong; Law, Nancy Wai Ying
92022Understanding the relationship between parental psychological control and prosocial behavior in children in China: The role of self-efficacy and genderFu, Wangqian; Pan, Qianqian ; Zhang, Weida; Zhang, Lei