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SA - South America 33
OC - Oceania 28
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DE - Germany 5390
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US - United States of America 2055
FI - Finland 1186
FR - France 660
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other - Other Country 5304
Total 19500
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Graso 92
other 15584
Total 19000
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ID: 178c1f42-9c4d-434e-91b3-4a394340b48f - K2 children's learning of national identity in Singapore 409
ID: d59de377-44c5-40cf-af17-28ad748542dc - Teaching Singaporean literature in secondary schools: A Singapore case study 273
ID: 8324b476-0407-48d0-8b11-e227372ca064 - The effects of streaming on the self-concept and attitude of primary school pupils in Singapore 268
ID: 9bb174c2-aad1-4a4e-9695-f2b942451759 - National language as medium of instruction 262
ID: 58c380cb-83af-4a2a-b9e3-d6bec3c4d182 - The relationship between teacher morale and school climate 258
ID: 409a1f97-e739-4149-86a7-733182a1887f - "Imejeri dalam puisi-puisi Chairil Anwar" 256
ID: ab846696-ca48-4a09-8a99-93845f7153f6 - Pastoral care in British schools: Applications for Singapore 256
ID: d6a06177-aaa1-4dba-9b7c-9b35916584cf - The relationship between the learning of English and the learning of a second language in pre-schoolers 239
ID: beb7ba35-925c-4dc0-a693-95d1a9ae453e - The concept of conductivity and molar conductivity of an aqueous solution 230
ID: 92ab3767-769b-4b96-832a-93cd7398c6a3 - Measuring motivation to learn Chinese and English through self-reported feelings and behaviours 223
ID: 2d3ee801-bf12-4830-9b8d-dd3b221a019d - The pattern of Tamil language use among primary school Tamil pupils in Singapore 210
ID: d4533595-45a1-4c22-8ed9-4062df87a19f - Masalah-masalah pengajaran bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kedua 207
ID: 0c29afdc-d1c0-472a-8843-a7e851cc68f3 - Improving pupil performance in mathematical problem solving: An example of classroom-based research 206
ID: 1105dbec-0677-49e9-9d07-49fc835f423c - Survey of teacher educational objectives 193
ID: 256a893b-a7df-4e40-bcf2-309cb1f8cbd7 - Development of a framework for analysing mathematical problem solving behaviours 189
ID: 30d80b55-8ac0-48dd-8156-dd35169d73b4 - Parents and children learning together: A study of the effectiveness of parental involvement on children's problem solving skills 189
ID: f2eb524e-27f3-4bcd-92b6-7dbaaa5e8101 - The career maturity of Singaporean adolescents – Where do we stand and what can be done? 187
ID: 3e91d8e0-85e5-4d9d-bf2b-ea248a2330ca - Book review [Review of the report A study on factors contributing to high teacher motivation and morale in Singapore primary schools, 1988, by Singapore Teachers’ Union (STU)] 186
ID: 4a0ced45-5b74-4e4c-b292-71cca9c5a226 - Is there a best age to learn a foreign language? 186
ID: 59b472c2-8e04-45cc-8dc6-888c8e6bd4bb - Perceptions of an effective mathematics teacher 184
ID: 95c30ebc-f2e3-496f-a133-4f8277acd58c - Education in China today 182
ID: 5d39bed5-75d5-462f-9bea-7fce4c4d01b0 - Anxiety and mathematics performance in female secondary school students in Singapore 181
ID: c47fdd58-d9e1-4107-b6aa-9fc4d13c2bf2 - Book review [Review of the book One classroom: Many languages: Issues and strategies for teachers, by J. Barnett (Ed.)] 177
ID: 9ddfa8f6-6beb-4975-8f22-e3804e76e3c6 - Influence of computer-generated visuals on word-problem solving 174
ID: 149c9c75-b8a0-44e1-b0e4-1c067ff37f98 - Attitude towards responsibility and teacher locus of control: Further evidence of their validities 172
ID: 323a9f13-bf22-4240-b5a8-1ba6fe6bb6f8 - Thinking strategies: Its effectiveness in the teaching of multiplication facts to low achievers of mathematics 171
ID: bf3953a8-b0dc-4d21-9ff4-035b52927bae - Problem solving in mathematics: Influence of presentation 171
ID: f0a4dd1d-186d-4367-a128-1af18936b5a4 - Quantification of teacher research 171
ID: 95edd49f-ae66-4b26-a5e5-05cd89bd2f91 - Continuity and discontinuity between training and school experience: Follow-up studies of former students of the Institute 168
ID: 81983636-fd1a-48b2-9821-a44136953425 - A measure of self-esteem in Singapore secondary schools 164
ID: cf6e0958-6102-40c1-bbe9-0c0b5930d0cc - School-focussed research: Action research and other perspectives 163
ID: ca39e8f9-8cad-48ea-86bf-08705efa2f1a - Feasibility of the MTAI as a selection instrument for pre-service teacher education - A pilot project 162
ID: a3223622-c0b7-4981-a562-b3ec84b2b0aa - Secondary school students' difficulties in learning the 'Mole Concept' - A preliminary study in Singapore 160
ID: b7097fed-11c0-408c-832c-e79bfc0c796b - Do Singapore science students possess positive attitudes toward science and scientific Inquiry? : Implications of an exploratory study 154
ID: a56b8a5b-d9fe-4dc3-8de3-bf21e87a2e78 - The project on innovative teaching methods - An overview 153
ID: 2f52ce99-ccac-42c2-9a59-46d157b923ea - Kanak-kanak dengan disiplin 151
ID: 4a87a335-a2f2-4110-be39-2d39105e5d9e - The social organization of schools: A multi-level perspective 151
ID: 14c9ba39-8e38-4caf-ab01-a3c66377c1ce - Research report RECSAM: Computers in education project, Singapore study 150
ID: fab7f71f-a6ba-4fe8-b454-4d9e469f5c0d - Language use among Singaporean preschool children 150
ID: 5c8a22ac-6829-4268-a57b-6c53f3d6dea5 - The effectiveness of cooperative and individualistic approaches in teaching mathematics and English 149
ID: f00bb5e8-ac7e-4fe8-975a-717b1a202d63 - Professional characteristics and teacher professionalism of secondary school teachers 149
ID: b04e62e5-6ddc-4fda-99d7-de8f829d5112 - Teacher education objectives: A survey of student views 147
ID: 732a0dc1-b340-4921-85b9-7259646e34ba - Book review [Review of the book Counselling: A problem-solving approach, by D. N. Dixon & J. A. Glover] 146
ID: 4c0ef24e-25a0-491c-b76d-69c999378e34 - Cara mengajar mengkaji sastera (cerpen) 143
ID: 9ee8acb5-9766-4ed3-8eb9-9489eaee667c - Education and development: Era of hope and disillusionment 143
ID: ec5c721b-4808-44cf-a46f-1603cd59f4bd - Metacognition in mathematical problem solving 143
ID: 2c48242b-c555-4253-84b4-5ebf8f6316c8 - The influences of school and home factors on the career development of secondary school students 141
ID: 2ddfd6be-05a9-440f-9b85-92cb3f230117 - Assessment, grade level and learning 141
ID: 35982606-a1aa-4aec-acfb-348a34399683 - Day care: A discussion of language and related issues 141
ID: df3f6245-a3c3-4758-91e4-6969e2289cb6 - Aspects of mathematical understanding 141
ID: 2107eb20-c410-4d63-ae58-921717ed1f13 - Education for equality in a changing society 139
ID: 0833e4a8-f652-4da2-a5e3-6cacbde97c9b - Attitudes and motivation of Malay students in secondary schools in Singapore towards the learning of English and Malay 138
ID: 27b3135c-54aa-4d9a-ada8-60b5564f1e8a - Information processing taxonomy (IPT): An alternative technique for assessing mathematical 136
ID: 67cbb38e-5d0a-4bbb-8342-fe2a2ff01a2a - Theoretical influences on educational practice in Singapore: The case of curriculum planning and development 135
ID: 953d000d-acf2-45b8-99d8-26cd1265f718 - Some findings on the use of motivation strategies in Singapore cIassrooms 135
ID: e88dd500-6f73-4364-bc21-5a545924712b - The effects of seat location on students' learning behaviour in the classroom 134
ID: 1b9295b7-0330-4315-abc7-05e4f8d4fe38 - Personality source traits as predictors of teaching effectiveness 133
ID: d1081f49-9b16-4d17-9dbd-a15dbfeafdc6 - Leadership that transforms and transacts: A case of more inspiration and less charisma 133
ID: cb6059da-a43d-4ebc-b3fc-71c8ac019647 - Gifted adolescent's perceptions of their roles in nation-building 132
ID: 7d01726d-448b-4d8d-a672-e83b8637e5e6 - Western theories: Influence on and relevance to teacher education and educational research practices at the Institute of Education, Singapore 131
ID: 85ec7829-0b75-4285-a4af-65f29617366d - A study of basic numeracy skills: Primary education student teachers at the Institute of Education (Singapore) 130
ID: 3120303c-26a8-4067-ada0-84b5c443c7d3 - Putting the case for the case study 129
ID: 67c3b4c1-6fd5-40e2-be40-32b039db3b0e - Dimensionality of modernity in Singapore among Chinese adolescents 129
ID: c801c626-8b1a-4671-ab07-b636c64e3af1 - Attitudes towards innovations in primary schools: A study of in-service teachers 129
ID: 756fb6a7-afa3-4e40-a3e9-b132b4d32058 - Language teaching and children’s literature: Loughborough '79 128
ID: ddf22da5-5837-41f9-b19d-6685144b9688 - The follow-up studies project: A brief report 128
ID: d7b2bebe-7d06-4dfe-aac8-980526b48ca8 - A study of computer-assisted learning environments in Singapore 127
ID: f9f49fb5-3f85-44e5-9920-a805b0366fc7 - The sea around us: Experiences in creative drama - a series of five lesson plans on a common theme 126
ID: fd977df8-aa0b-4701-9329-cb7ed1fe4b55 - The APTSE as a tool for measuring the competencies of special education student teachers 126
ID: 03a4785a-4b1d-43a1-8e20-c4e0b903aaae - The case for career guidance: The plight of secondary four students in Singapore 125
ID: 1782b858-7d13-4a20-a8c7-b26d2c00ec07 - Research and teacher education: A Singapore perspective 125
ID: 40d1672a-cf5b-4b49-8622-92f8211d9849 - Menghidupkan minat membaca 125
ID: 8b3e4071-ad19-428b-a313-da824e0325c0 - The role and use of textbooks as a vehicle for teaching English as a second language in Singapore schools 125
ID: dbe73558-6cf0-4717-8739-4ca4b58f7f75 - Student's reports of their cognitive processes and level of understanding during regular classroom instruction 125
ID: 79e68568-21ab-49a9-bc23-cd38c39e18f0 - The development of a new measure of pupils' self-esteem in Singapore secondary schools 124
ID: 07958af4-6629-4b24-b632-71d4b723b331 - Reaching out to children in need 123
ID: 25952b56-3961-4928-8721-6214a2e8f4fe - Language motivation, use and achievement 123
ID: 301c5b4f-a94f-43f4-a67f-cf22a2b02b62 - Similarity and difference in first language acquisition and second language learning: What implications for teaching? 123
ID: 5577deaa-7113-47c9-9ae2-62b4f7cf01f2 - Norming of test with primary one pupils 122
ID: 7b0e6a28-ae02-49f0-abd3-ea22884d7d58 - Language learning through songs and poetry 122
ID: 57ed7c34-b97c-4f32-a05c-dc57b61d8e00 - The role of literature in the secondary school in Singapore 120
ID: 920d35af-9f4d-4648-86f9-8b31a5718b4e - Training teachers to use computers for instruction and administration 120
ID: f099ef71-d3fb-45b6-af59-d9c3ecc79509 - Constructive-reconstructive processes in children’s memory 120
ID: ca769d02-4841-4b36-afe4-dcc5840c6099 - Tinggikan taraf pelajalan Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kedua 119
ID: d7b86482-b794-479d-82f2-57ffb392d563 - Whither the fine arts? 119
ID: 4fdda138-9dcb-420b-b01d-4e840fc55f69 - Reading instruction in lower primary classes: A second observational study 118
ID: 6676f64f-a048-43da-8db0-747c32df12c3 - Book review [Review of the book Cloze procedure and the teaching of reading and reading development and cohesion, by Asmah Haji Omar and Noor Ein Mohammed Noor (Eds.)] 118
ID: 4355e972-2cf2-4452-a828-052fd1c625d7 - Local language-related research: Some trends and issues 116
ID: 64c55141-05c9-4013-95b9-a58a7c262217 - Mapping social studies teachers' implementation behaviour on an innovation configuration 116
ID: 98cbecce-7b96-4403-91f6-c864c7287f7b - Pupil experience: A hands-on approach to micro-teaching 114
ID: 8d8f70eb-56a6-46a8-919c-795002000926 - The contributions of enrichment activities towards science achievement 113
ID: 19329b57-18eb-4356-b793-93f89e04d666 - The Saturday morning art classes for primary level children: A differentiated programme 111
ID: c4d08de9-42fc-4d37-8e86-691062d70ddd - Five- year-olds crack the code 111
ID: 4b043b84-f008-4c8f-acce-fa423d8b73e6 - Gender differences in mathematics attainment of Singaporean pupils 110
ID: 512ca514-c45e-4653-a384-db12795fe117 - Functional objectives in language learning project: An interim report 110
ID: 932023a6-3f4f-4cd2-957d-8b12da1f95e3 - Science practicals in schools: Are we assessing correctly? 110
ID: e048faa8-51c9-4ae6-a6a1-7fae5414f1dc - "Blips of meaning": The transformation of reader and history text 110
ID: fdc004bc-73a1-4eea-bbb4-47758033714e - On coping with the stresses of teaching 110
ID: 43086da2-81f4-4a45-8090-2eb5ec5db5d0 - Sigmatics - The fusion of science and technology 109
ID: ed4bc63c-9f39-475c-8f91-3ea8ecdf2f58 - Why teach: Motives for teaching revisited 109
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