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AF - Africa 2420
SA - South America 680
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US - United States of America 31205
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PH - Philippines 3500
MY - Malaysia 2618
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ID: 5db0a393-ee56-4a35-9736-9ec15b01547e - Developing teacher leadership in Singapore: Multiple pathways for differentiated journeys 2948
ID: 7a929c40-f8bf-4631-b5fe-9e6d72cc0611 - Implicit theories of ability, homework behavior, and achievement 2941
ID: 3604e8f7-cccb-4f6f-a68a-7ebc01b41934 - Problem behaviours of Singapore youth 2694
ID: b4f5dacd-fc37-4d49-8f47-4a39f6541c93 - Teaching and learning difficult chemistry topics: The need for a content framework 1652
ID: 74e565bf-90c6-4c11-8fc1-35b6ae439ff5 - Teacher questioning in science classrooms: What approaches stimulate productive thinking? 1641
ID: ec532c4a-a75b-4a49-8f2c-e9646c67f367 - Teachers' misconceptions of biological science concepts as revealed in science examination papers 1488
ID: e1e8b6e4-30b1-4b61-ab56-725a21ea21f4 - Assessment for learning: Understanding teachers’ beliefs and practices 1475
ID: 323ff5e9-7bed-4821-88af-e9606b65c086 - Extrinsic and intrinsic barriers in the use of ICT in teaching: A comparative case study in Singapore 1345
ID: 46e91912-2bb8-408a-b44e-16e1b04e8f46 - Modeling pre-service teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) perceptions: The influence of demographic factors and TPACK constructs 1105
ID: 55b287a2-b5fc-42b5-a30a-883548072cdd - Teacher education in Singapore: What motivates students to choose teaching as a career? 1085
ID: 74af1043-71d2-43ab-ad82-177e95b7cd5a - Teaching area and perimeter: Mathematics-pedagogical-content knowledge-in-action 1040
ID: dec4692f-cea6-47b2-a572-03b852fabdf9 - How Montessori materials enhance autistic children mathematics learning: Case study of learning division 971
ID: ea65c88f-f240-434b-b549-82f8718d1fde - The role of virtual manipulatives on the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach in teaching primary mathematics 886
ID: 44f852e0-8115-4125-a5f4-0a3fd20e178c - Teaching and learning mathematical modelling with technology 775
ID: 434bf92a-229f-492c-b404-90d1bf0c257c - School technology leadership: Lessons from empirical research 774
ID: cb60c3df-a444-446f-8e13-fa7d76ebb2c1 - Graphic organisers as scaffolding for students’ revision in the prewriting stage 744
ID: 95c70a3e-389b-4b0a-874f-8c5c04a01e73 - Learning beyond the four walls of the classroom: The potential of Cryogenics-Based Enrichment Programs (CBEP) in science education 707
ID: 3f71d23f-025a-4337-8a75-29a624718adb - Constructivism and e-learning: Balancing between the individual and social levels of cognition 702
ID: 48f3bca1-e9e7-43b9-8c59-b3e60dd224ed - Curriculum development in Singapore with special reference to the revised primary syllabus 638
ID: 62e4de0d-0e75-40cb-bc5a-8438f1d3075c - Exploring the effectiveness of pair programming in developing students' computational thinking skills through Scratch 547
ID: 5284ee4a-69e0-46c7-8d31-cb727c8b0ed5 - Use of student mathematics questioning to promote active learning and metacognition 525
ID: fef8ef16-fdd8-4671-bc1f-31bf1f2b8cc2 - Creating and learning through design: teacher professional development for 21st century learning 522
ID: 9f374313-7082-4e0f-9978-97c32a7520d7 - Examining the efficacy of the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) to understand pre-service teachers’ intention to use technology 520
ID: 40dcb50e-acb2-43c3-b511-03c3d623d696 - Designing wellbeing: The role of design in developing open-mindedness in mental health 512
ID: cfa9a584-74ca-4260-b79d-99645d5a6a29 - An approach to holistic education: Cultivating 21st century competencies using team-based learning (TBL) in the teaching of Higher 2 (H2) Biology 509
ID: 457ac4ca-e8ca-434c-942d-8e60963b25df - The model method: A tool for representing and visualising relationships 476
ID: d338e035-50d0-4606-b8e8-d66075a0cfd6 - Research and development in Singapore 474
ID: 0042ff8d-880a-4d1a-a8c4-53c239816215 - The use of video recording as a research tool and feedback: Advantages and disadvantages 472
ID: 0a611308-2cfe-4357-98f2-006104b5ed7e - The problems of education in a multilingual society 465
ID: 2c7942fb-bc0a-4a4d-8aee-ea3d9d06332e - Schooling for Singaporeans: The interaction of Singapore culture and values in the school 450
ID: 57d39574-b8ee-409d-b4c5-03611b6c4c8b - Designing learning contexts using student-generated ideas 450
ID: f2f2ab07-a736-46b8-9ad1-5a04b3fadfeb - The gambus (lutes) of the Malay world 450
ID: abbde47c-328c-45d4-92ed-ecda2bf35eff - Developing global citizens through Gardner's "Five minds for the future" 440
ID: facf385f-72a8-4c26-a6db-8905863cb86f - Classroom environment and teachers’ cultural background in secondary science classes in an Asian context 438
ID: e0615304-27f8-4e81-a273-7d9c63b1a935 - Teacher mentor training: The Singapore experience 431
ID: 7f580eec-ad66-42f7-8137-6c5ef40a985e - Enhancing students’ critical reading fluency, engagement and self-efficacy using self-referenced learning analytics dashboard visualizations 423
ID: c8f494db-a002-4d24-ae61-274627316f6c - Making thinking visible in classroom via scientific argumentation 422
ID: 165efac1-bacb-4a01-83d3-3814bd05e3fd - Education, development and research 406
ID: bbd3092a-cf0f-4e88-82c1-d2cbec6ee73d - The development of moral reasoning in Singaporean youths 389
ID: 36869c9c-6bc5-407e-9727-3f73bf45c771 - Towards a conceptual framework for assessment literacy for mathematics 385
ID: 43588cb0-2ff1-4913-b9ad-0a95b7df5840 - Closing the gap: Pre-service teachers' perceptions of an ICT based, student centred learning curriculum 384
ID: e72fe535-3f8c-43ef-ad41-7edcd7f088d1 - Evolution of Singapore’s school mathematics curriculum 378
ID: b6a8d244-e1ec-4fe2-bf89-dfc441180504 - Can we identify the reasons for a pupil’s low attainment in mathematics? 372
ID: e9fc7f76-9476-4364-8f15-5dff2adaa927 - Investigation of tertiary classroom learning environment in Singapore 369
ID: e29feff9-39a1-4f2c-b5ee-a21f66bfd12d - Unsur-unsur seksis dalam Bahasa Melayu 368
ID: 02edf2c1-cbbc-492d-8fd3-35fac06ed0b1 - The ideal school environment 367
ID: 6ca9a37c-7254-4e8a-80d2-8b5f3aa55ea7 - Game-based learning as performance: The case of legends of Alkhimia 367
ID: 9d4e2094-df88-4ead-8c8e-d50d28337fa7 - The impact of structured argumentation and enactive role play on students’ argumentative writing skills 367
ID: da289cf7-b4a1-4a2a-96ad-3b9393e40f24 - Algebraic thinking in geometry at high school level: Students’ use of variables and unknowns 367
ID: f6842198-de42-4691-a0ef-19e2d6287e80 - The impact of urbanisation on aspects of schooling 365
ID: 9cd13eed-84ab-46ec-bd50-0a5d0d103037 - Does bullying at school predict student academic performance? Evidence from 65 countries 359
ID: 5cff21b3-8816-4f5b-930c-35a187231fd6 - Analysis of a tumour growth model with MATLAB 358
ID: 63632026-402c-40c5-ab05-f72711c537dc - An affordance based design framework for technology-enabled learning spaces 358
ID: deb87d4a-317c-4b5d-88d3-1810dff72f6c - Kepengarangan Masuri S.N. 356
ID: 9bbdb9e3-9780-4c63-9927-1add01ab3607 - Unpacking the design process in design-based research 351
ID: a5314b36-6f3c-4ce7-b24d-929ce8db3eae - Mathematics education in Singapore 348
ID: 5f8da39f-8456-4ad3-8275-fcce8db6e192 - Toward a multi-Level knowledge building innovation network 347
ID: a4bbc57b-f246-4fae-8a51-c1bd80b42348 - The use of ICT in the Chinese classroom: A Singapore perspective 344
ID: a503fd61-1e71-49d5-a0e0-e34286e0f714 - Addressing Primary 5 pupils’ alternative conceptions on condensation and evaporation using concept videos in inquiry science 341
ID: b4bf6564-b984-4932-9c63-116ab838b0c3 - Word Juxtapoz: An innovative tool for promoting interest in science education 340
ID: 3e40fe94-79dc-4ce5-bc02-10b41d7244bf - Evaluating the needs of teacher education in South-East Asia 331
ID: 4e1e6001-e122-4956-9367-2b053b687d40 - English teachers using Singapore colloquial English in the classroom: An examination of two secondary school teachers’ lessons 330
ID: 9fc1f5a5-0b70-40d0-a3f8-51991e9ed9a3 - Critical thinking dispositions of pre-service teachers in Singapore: A preliminary investigation 324
ID: 25c0ae88-6189-4d55-8694-159e0850c176 - Learning the physics of electricity with agent-based models: The paradox of productive failure 322
ID: 798bbf9a-d33f-4f1c-8543-4fb00bc493d3 - Cerpen remaja Melayu Singapura: Satu pengamatan stilistik 320
ID: cb4b7f94-5237-43fb-bf61-3f31c0e5d723 - Modelling the spread of dengue in Singapore 317
ID: 293a8a02-e49e-4b65-8709-24d34016b85a - Fostering student creativity: Which teacher behaviours are helpful? 315
ID: cf32b220-ee28-4971-8257-2c1af9b98d2a - A review on plant science education in Singapore 315
ID: 74a0e00e-3b5e-49aa-a2fb-c881e58d25d7 - பிழை ஆய்வு ஒரு சிறந்த கற்பித்தல் கருவி: செயல்முறை ஆய்வு (Error analysis as an effective teaching tool: Action research) 314
ID: 8b22c0c7-7aef-43f7-a54b-9797f4c0145d - Beyond tried and true: The challenge of education for innovation 312
ID: 8b5c643c-100c-4fd1-b2bc-feeb67e02889 - An implementation of smartphone-enabled seamless learning: A snapshot perspective 311
ID: 79f451c5-437c-4c36-b7c8-91c404cf09fb - A pedagogical framework for learning analytics in collaborative inquiry tasks: An example from a teamwork competency awareness program 309
ID: bd73b82e-3048-4961-8bf7-bc33de787bd5 - The bilingual language policy and its effects on minority languages in Singapore: Hard truths on Malay 309
ID: 55a6f044-ea4c-48d3-b04e-fd216dd4807a - Teachers’ beliefs and practices of classroom assessment in Republic Polytechnic, Singapore 308
ID: 201c031d-7a62-40ef-9efa-d75ba80794ab - Student teachers’ understanding of fundamentals in mathematics 306
ID: da4cd865-915e-4bca-bb18-57fdced68219 - AppleTree: An assessment-oriented framework for collaboration and argumentation 306
ID: 9cf86439-aa0a-4424-b435-f21a817b7f6b - Teachers and library books 304
ID: f5c3466c-e962-4bc3-ab04-7cd8afb7b9b4 - The ecology of communicative language teaching: Reflecting on the Singapore experience 304
ID: f030a3b9-5657-4933-9a7e-37b583f66e56 - The role and nature of curriculum frameworks in mathematics curriculum development initiatives 303
ID: 1f033488-b502-4bbd-886b-67e9290059c1 - Relationship of mathematics homework to mathematics achievement among grade 8 students in Singapore 302
ID: 1ceba8cb-23c4-493b-80e3-1d78895473d6 - Using toys to teach science 301
ID: 372528b5-917d-4072-b10f-9a4b2e9e031a - Artificial intelligence in education (AIED) 301
ID: 798e3edd-c409-4f24-a697-43561aaf61e2 - The Singaporean mathematics curriculum: Connections to TIMSS 299
ID: deb269e7-7657-444d-b141-f44ecf14d4b9 - [Meeting educational change: Expectations and realities] 299
ID: 4b9649e8-fc80-4e87-b695-668e7c0934c9 - Student teachers’ perceptions about multicultural education in Singapore 296
ID: d28c8c60-d518-4f50-bf9b-92e2b61250d5 - Asynchronous online discussion: Instructor facilitation vs. peer facilitation 292
ID: 294a80b5-a650-4418-bb55-0e7f5eeea996 - The marketisation of education in Singapore: Policies and implications 291
ID: 5cd37c72-2af2-4a99-8ca4-7df8ef0f376b - Influences of metacognitive and self-regulated learning strategies for reading on mathematical literacy of adolescents in Australia and Singapore 291
ID: fef1b810-561b-4d3b-a22c-b20c115a2450 - Exploring nursing students’ perceptions of educational experience and satisfaction in a blended learning course 291
ID: 5f3ff54e-d0ac-4f25-9363-5b5558303caf - Mathematics anxiety in secondary school students 287
ID: e6977fb3-081d-4bec-bc0a-95c765d9d15d - C2FIP: A design framework for streamlining ICT-enhanced seamless science learning for wider diffusion in primary schools 286
ID: 1b6174dd-4853-421f-8331-607b3acb67cc - A metacognitive approach in kick-starting the understanding and planning phases of mathematical problem solving 285
ID: 82fbf1a5-e0b0-42f4-b0e8-9e89db2a3940 - Understanding teacher identity through the use of eportfolios with pre-service teachers 283
ID: b5e548a9-356a-4c06-a37b-8438a3c4988a - Investigation of tertiary classroom learning environment in Singapore 283
ID: 20ce83fb-d21a-4702-916e-07ee3c9f7cf7 - சிங்கப்பூரில் தமிழ் மொழி கற்றல் கற்பித்தலில் கணினியின் பயன்பாடு 281
ID: 5b9c61bc-b3bf-4984-8b70-62182eb04d25 - Distributed leadership for integration of information and communication technology (ICT) in schools 281
ID: 85b8809d-5149-458a-9cb3-3336c9098ad7 - Effect of Ramadan fasting on maximal bench press strength performance in trained athletes 281
ID: b9d4bbc1-4cbb-4ea5-9e0e-66b1ba7be19a - A survey of environmental knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of students in Singapore 280
ID: e9804205-9154-44dc-9df9-0fda2f3b1475 - Pre-service teachers’ engagement in action research during teaching practicum 275
ID: 6e00875c-0f40-43f1-af1a-1c943b51859a - ‘Good fences make good neighbours’? Geographies of marginalisation: Housing Singapore’s foreign workers 274
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