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Region #
AS - Asia, other 7187
EU - Europe 4010
NA - North America 2701
OC - Oceania 52
AF - Africa 36
SA - South America 27
Total 14013
Country #
SG - Singapore 4543
US - United States of America 2661
DE - Germany 2279
CN - China 1959
FI - Finland 1016
FR - France 233
GB - United Kingdom 172
HK - Hong Kong 159
KH - Cambodia 155
TR - Turkey 118
other - Other Country 8790
Total 22085
City #
Singapore 2649
Brooklyn 779
Beijing 277
West Jordan 228
Landshut 171
Zhengzhou 162
Frankfurt am Main 126
Ashburn 122
Balingen 119
Central 118
other 16821
Total 21572
Most viewed items #
ID: 1480a26b-6dce-4e87-8890-bfc8f49c127a - Teacher burnout and teaching effectiveness in Singapore 634
ID: 53bdd522-10b4-45d8-be88-e459c8937e57 - Learning to be biliterate in English and Malay using dual language books 535
ID: c31484b8-1229-40af-9f50-d45704a0deee - Leadership and organizational change in Singapore: A baseline study 376
ID: 79939bea-a1af-4a74-96b5-b8862216bd92 - Learning for life, learning with fun: Igniting students’ intrinsic motivation to learn in the classroom 362
ID: 4d3428d8-c16a-404a-9e6d-10edacd0a779 - The power of beliefs in impacting motivation: Motivating the academically unmotivated 327
ID: fa6fa68a-eee3-4bbf-b605-a78dbc96fc1d - Nurturing positivity: A positive psychology intervention to enhance well-being, engagement, and achievement among at-risk students. 323
ID: 91f4dc3b-fa41-4c7a-bd99-947df90dd887 - Core 2 research programme: Pedagogy and assessment 282
ID: 1106fd84-e16b-437f-b864-71e30ab60793 - Comprehending reading comprehension: An intervention in P4 reading 276
ID: 6d35f8e2-0493-4d5c-a97a-4cf7b78ab050 - Curriculum innovation and the nurturing of 21st century learners 235
ID: 7d8e94af-f490-4361-ba2d-79efef7b3601 - Breakfast and exercise influence academic performance in adolescents 232
ID: 815c191b-6e3a-4758-82ff-729f462080a1 - Metacognition and mathematical problem solving – Teaching and learning at the primary levels [metamaps (primary)] 223
ID: 30169634-b82d-4fd0-8fd8-a909642fa14c - Developing teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge for 21st century learning (TPACK-21CL) through design thinking 220
ID: 31b10c25-49e2-47cd-bfeb-66a4c901e5f8 - A teacher-led interpretation of the teacher growth model an inquiry into the professional identity of Singapore teachers 218
ID: e6720b15-5538-4321-aed6-b95926f97881 - Biliteracy development: Metalinguistic knowledge and bilingual academic performance 216
ID: efd79f1a-b6dd-416b-bf35-09a62d26bae8 - The impact of community-based teacher learning on student learning outcomes 215
ID: 92e01aa0-e7fd-4088-a38f-a0441088ee3a - Managing the data lifecycle for research (cost-)effectiveness 213
ID: 96e73727-6fee-47b5-b088-129ef740416d - The crucial time factor in sustainable teacher development and assessment of student outcomes 213
ID: 1bd2301b-fa53-49a2-9082-4225477a20f8 - Turning achievement around: Predictors of academic resilience of academically at-risk students in Singapore 208
ID: 29ba599b-b213-4e3e-a787-670c1594f76e - Examining Normal Academic/Technical students’ science learning from a sociological and cultural lens 198
ID: 6dbabfe0-6e1c-4f5c-b74d-0b0ee4cdd720 - The contribution of teacher education in Singapore to the development of teacher competencies and Identity 197
ID: 1ac98caa-b90b-49d2-bd18-9e4f07e3a017 - Schools engaging parents in partnership: Supporting lower-achieving students in schools 194
ID: af91d7b9-1b4e-4bcc-8a8e-57663b31a802 - The roles of self-efficacy beliefs and Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR) in student engagement perspectives from Normal Stream students 193
ID: fefc6e60-8dcd-4a4f-abff-8a6fd1d60156 - Instructional leadership in Singapore and East Asia 191
ID: 903ec846-1702-46ed-b59d-c1e6bd99440f - Enhancing the pedagogy of mathematics teachers to facilitate the development of 21st century competencies in their classrooms (EPMT — 21st CC) 189
ID: 5a8843c3-4aef-4efc-b5e3-5f7188533e38 - Learning through popular music, lessons for the general music programme syllabus in Singapore 184
ID: aeade170-37e9-4c87-a182-4ab71ea544f8 - Through the lens of the school: School-based curriculum innovation (SCI) 184
ID: 77de91e9-7126-4252-ae75-9de17ef00730 - CORE research programme: Baseline investigation of science pedagogy 179
ID: 54949281-7967-4559-8ad2-3b52d4d92802 - Hands-on and minds-on learning of science using a microbial fuel cell 173
ID: a6b2271a-df3c-492d-be97-9a0ad480c9f7 - An investigation of the impact of instructional leadership practices and school culture on staff performance in Singapore schools 168
ID: 7ec03d72-6930-4083-99f1-fe8b196b6825 - A preliminary study of assessment progression: Evaluation of assessment for learning lessons and summative assessment tasks in the general music programme 164
ID: cc9de040-fe55-4cee-897b-e5229d2d57bd - Developing 21st century competencies through band: An exploratory study of the “Four Cs” 161
ID: 77a872d6-19e5-4304-b2b7-effcb4df8c05 - Mathematical problem solving for everyone: Infusion and diffusion (MinD) 159
ID: 8c4ba59c-d51b-4dda-ab9e-27ed8cbe4035 - Integrating classroom discourse for reflective practice and professional development 158
ID: 7c47f10e-dc42-4fbe-9748-590805ed99a9 - Children are natural scientists: learning science in early childhood and early primary years 157
ID: cfa0f3ce-e7c8-4b29-a747-78d5bb6fcdd3 - Cultures and leverages for nurturing adaptive capacities through curriculum innovation 157
ID: 6bff482c-625b-4c46-badb-647b9781b42c - Game development for education 156
ID: d358b634-a4a0-48f5-9c44-d4eaec25ef61 - Teacher and student perceptions of peer assessment for English writing 156
ID: 8737a197-1ec0-47df-bcfa-34ac5963d5cf - Exploring the designing of a growth mindset curriculum in a Singaporean school. 154
ID: 398ba4e7-818b-413b-a942-0e9557f1c907 - An experimental evaluation on the effectiveness of a web-based training program in functional behavioral assessment and interventions with special education schools in Singapore 151
ID: 8d68e250-ab9a-46fd-a2dc-aa2f776a70df - Multi-level ICT integration for diffusing complex technology-mediated pedagogical innovations 151
ID: e1cbf693-db7c-4b0b-87b8-456b298059a2 - Curricular-Instructional gatekeeping in Singapore: How teachers enact social studies and give purpose to citizenship education 151
ID: 53958a65-490c-460a-8da9-c96fdce137b4 - Building an evidence-based to support teacher growth: A career-long perspective (Phase I). 149
ID: 45c28fc3-2276-49df-9e96-d28c48203889 - Design study approach to teacher professional development to support the implementation of the revised 2013 lower secondary science curriculum 148
ID: d575ee55-74ea-4b8d-be76-8ec6bd525232 - School-based media literacy education: balancing critique, ethics and creative expression 148
ID: 4fe628d6-6782-4827-9b8a-6d8d76031482 - Reading lives and practices of Singapore teachers and the use of multicultural children’s literature to promote socio-emotional learning 147
ID: da5d1bf9-5c35-4792-b360-abf60c7507ba - Attending to the language demands in science classrooms 146
ID: b3b801ba-4780-4c52-94e4-d5bca1a14576 - Towards more meaningful science inquiry for primary pupils 145
ID: f3fa7a24-cdf7-4641-9a3e-9099cb2aba6e - Producing a scientific explanation in physics: What it entails and challenges students face 145
ID: 402a5558-765f-407a-96ae-0540afd37906 - Investigation of making-centred learning spaces in Singapore schools to promote students’ interests in science and technology 143
ID: 6cc37568-e2a9-4015-81f3-84e8449dddcd - Culturally relevant pedagogy: Exploring the use of culture in Singapore’s low progress classrooms 142
ID: 8f3aec25-9b86-48a8-b10e-d421138cd695 - Developing a translating educational neuroscience clearinghouse for the differentiated instruction of diverse learners. 142
ID: 299f5251-94e5-451a-a8c5-eda9ce0a5c2f - Differentiation as a means to inclusion. 141
ID: 3713c8c6-e119-44bd-a57c-71ef4d360c7e - Is movement proficiency the precursor to physically active behaviour and health?: An investigation of the relationship between fundamental movement skills, physical activity and health in Singaporean primary school children 141
ID: 22f40754-5cc0-497f-9458-8029d9d0024a - Finding purpose: What Singaporean adolescents are telling us 139
ID: 50146a97-ddd9-4c8a-8c11-25a34754c9c7 - Music teacher professional development in Singapore: Mapping the landscape 139
ID: 2290b7bf-1338-4b83-9f04-82e32750f1a3 - Helping primary school students engage in collaborative problem solving of real world issues focusing on low progress learners 138
ID: 60ef28a9-ed42-4682-a814-d014510598d6 - Fostering a cross-contextual language learning practice through social media creation and social interaction processes 138
ID: 685e94f7-d59e-4338-8b0e-7057ad12b5fc - Leadership for collective learning: An effective distributed perspective 137
ID: f8c26b87-22d5-4cf0-97a8-f76c75748f19 - Exploring learning spaces in school-based co-curricular activities 136
ID: 4928b9c2-d375-4f17-886a-130b8d6dcf5b - An Investigation of the Impact of leadership practices on student learning and development outcomes in Singapore primary schools 135
ID: f2c7ae11-1192-46aa-986c-e7b2fa81bcc0 - Beginning physical education teachers’ experience of continuing professional development and schoolbased mentoring 135
ID: e1367449-0e96-4f25-941f-951fd5509bdc - The outcomes of a training programme to support youth with autism spectrum disorders in mainstream schools. 133
ID: 5a853ca7-4e20-4b4f-a756-b4d27e80a341 - Participation in school-based co-curricular activities and student development: A motivation and engagement perspective 132
ID: 1d31f9df-6ded-4b07-8930-effd11c5c3b0 - Parents’ perceptions of “Play” and “Holistic development” in the early years 129
ID: cbdbb041-33fb-483a-ba08-22a09867387b - Cultivating laterality in learning communities – Scaling of innovation through a networked learning community 128
ID: 182e19b7-d612-4985-b75d-7157d954c531 - Developing an assessment of teamwork 127
ID: 95d6dac0-5be8-4184-951a-e108b7303225 - Secondary quantitative analysis of core research data (2004–2010): A multilevel study of academic achievement and 21st century competencies 125
ID: 36a8db54-f2cf-46a1-bfd4-857dc718b35e - “Sebutan baku sounds nicer but the other pronunciation sounds more natural”: Secondary three Malay language students’ relationship with sebutan baku. 124
ID: 6e888b6a-0fda-4e0b-8f42-c6a385793073 - Core 3 research programme: Baseline investigation of subject domain pedagogies in Singapore’s primary and secondary classrooms (C3-PP). 123
ID: b563201c-356e-466f-b00e-dd035815f4d5 - Learning to argue and arguing to learn: Developing scientific argumentation skills in pre-service chemistry teachers 123
ID: e264cc55-b09d-4879-9aff-6b9017fbf3b6 - Mathematical Progress and Value for everyone (MProVe) 122
ID: 420dda06-c277-423c-8a61-bbe91f39e97a - Lessons from resilience-nurturing environments: Classroom practices of turnaround teachers. 121
ID: a2673f2d-442f-4864-af41-4eb0281abc23 - A study on developing teacher leadership and engendering an emerging teacher-led culture 119
ID: a41a5997-a00b-40cd-a13c-6f30eefbbb9b - Fostering cross-cultural communication and understanding in the English language writing class 118
ID: 5677b8fd-7882-4aa8-9082-1732a904d411 - Transitioning from kindergarten to primary school: Exploring the links between children’s self-regulation skills, socio-emotional competence and academic outcomes. 117
ID: 925ccc75-4881-4797-9384-f00a94ff3e4f - Computer-supported collaborative argumentation with automated assessment for science learning 117
ID: e25187c8-b805-4998-9b9a-adc45431443e - Vice-principals in Singapore: Key leadership roles, enablers and constraints. 117
ID: 4b2aea67-1f2b-4998-b39d-935da976a2a6 - Instructional coaching and learning of instructional practices: A study of the perceptions of teachers 116
ID: 00fab993-1087-4af8-a834-5e3741a27080 - Nurturing positivity and resilience in Singapore schools: Development and evaluation of an arts-based positive psychology intervention toolkit. 114
ID: 149e3671-6c48-49a0-bb35-d10682110de9 - What can English teachers tell us about the emotional demands of their work? 114
ID: 52e97808-85eb-4ccc-8940-a8b1e3707fdc - How do experienced learning designers differ from novice designers when they design for game-based learning? 114
ID: 00789c1e-1635-4d6c-86ca-eab4e7191c11 - Design of an interactive online learning environment 113
ID: 0fc1c555-e27c-4aed-8c08-1acb52d1a988 - Engaging secondary school students in authentic research projects based on environmental science theme 112
ID: 1d437137-ad7d-415c-8685-51201820e90f - Digital storytelling for character and citizenship education: A knowledge forensics approach. 111
ID: b8deecf2-2cc1-431f-9180-5520ba067229 - Supporting factors to effective beginning teacher mentoring: An exploratory study of beginning teacher mentoring practices in Singapore. 110
ID: 23ace1d7-6867-4c61-87f4-9678b5eb3b58 - Differentiated Instruction: Ten teachers’ implementation in Singapore 109
ID: 5ce6282d-f1af-489f-8fcd-38cdc9f8873b - Professional learning communities in Singapore schools: The current practice and possibilities for teacher practice and student learning. 108
ID: bcedb48c-a041-486a-afc0-a3943c5bd609 - Exploring school-based non-instructional and semi-instructional organised activities in students’ access to instructional curriculum 108
ID: 2f51c101-3a0f-43c5-825b-35e66da62599 - Developing and evaluating an instructional unit on kinetic theory of matter using a complex systems instructional approach 107
ID: 77d2d87b-7c84-4c18-b451-020dd4d1908f - Understanding teachers’ knowledge and practice of lower secondary geographical investigations 106
ID: 37afcbcb-8876-4036-93cf-de1ee1cf5ada - Perceptions, policies and practices: Assessment for learning in the Singapore context. 103
ID: 4527862c-b981-4622-b5fd-40dafc54cf86 - Translating productive failure in the Singapore A-level statistics curriculum 103
ID: 95f8c675-6e6f-4633-9d9b-7621e103aab1 - Seeing self-assessment and teacher feedback through students’ lenses: Implementation of self-assessment and investigation of feedback in lower primary classrooms. 103
ID: 0da0ed09-4df6-4c9d-b0e0-dcc2bcf48f69 - Cognitive diagnostic assessment system (CoDiAS) for Singapore’s secondary schools: Toward individualized learning and assessment in language education. 102
ID: c16d22f8-710c-4d68-85d8-35ab31709093 - Working memory training and math achievement evidence from a large-scale intervention in a real learning environment. 102
ID: ef42afdc-e422-4a9a-9786-ba03c4dcf31d - A two-tiered approach to supporting pupils with reading difficulties in primary 3 mainstream classrooms 102
ID: 6eff958c-95c1-45d0-955b-8469453165bf - Nail it! Normal academic: Improvements for learning, innovations in teaching 98
ID: 7d2f1ba5-6b05-46a7-9ed3-efc4ee7354c9 - Video-based learning resources for Singapore music teachers: A development project 98
ID: 93ea1095-e68b-4120-aa29-f23a900edbcf - Building a reading culture: A nationwide study of reading and school libraries in six secondary schools. 98
ID: 9376e2db-af08-4b91-841f-0c3f5eba3804 - Use of comics in teaching mathematics 97
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