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Region #
EU - Europe 416
AS - Asia, other 122
NA - North America 6
AF - Africa 1
OC - Oceania 1
Total 546
Country #
DE - Germany 396
SG - Singapore 89
CN - China 18
FR - France 9
PH - Philippines 6
US - United States of America 6
IE - Ireland 4
GB - United Kingdom 3
HU - Hungary 2
IN - India 2
other - Other Country 13
Total 548
City #
Singapore 45
Angeles City 4
Dublin 4
Bangkok 2
Carbondale 2
Ljubljana 2
Pécs 2
Ariyalur 1
Bloomsbury 1
Colchester 1
other 484
Total 548
Most viewed items #
ID: 0ce12ea7-3eae-4f64-a44d-f908d8fa0226 - Use of Tamil language and IT in Tamil language education 7
ID: 813a0f93-261a-4c54-85c8-80886b3ed190 - Relations of authoritative parenting style to student outcomes: The mediating role of self-efficacy and task value 7
ID: 8ed547b5-221f-4d79-aa9d-0179a71f32f1 - The impact of negotiation for meaning on reading comprehension among Singapore primary students 7
ID: ca51be77-f280-4315-a112-7ca223236dc4 - Teacher understanding of and teacher concerns about questioning the author and negotiation for meaning (OER 09-10 RS & OER 40-12 RS) 6
ID: d271f0b1-4c98-4d5b-a452-002d595e80d2 - Applying a socio-cognitive model to the teaching of expository writing: A pedagogy for shaping student thinking and genre practice 6
ID: 011df9ea-ca63-4f9d-bbb7-08ed6e179f23 - Applying a socio-cognitive model to the teaching of expository writing: from theory to instructional materials 5
ID: 0fe97773-9ea7-404c-aab3-15a2c0ab0ba4 - Coping with diverse abilities in mainstream schools 5
ID: 1355bf5d-f5be-4505-b2c7-11b78937bf9f - Building teacher capacity in curriculum and pedagogical design in normal technical classrooms 5
ID: 40c7fd7b-f3a7-447c-8936-ee5811183473 - PBI @ school: A large scale study on the effect of “physics by inquiry” pedagogy on secondary one students' attitude and aptitude in science 5
ID: dd803835-d99a-4472-9897-c4baad5993a4 - Pre-service teachers™ beliefs, attitudes and expectations: a review of the literature 5
ID: 84f6fb7c-ee11-45f2-abc7-160c1fa76d70 - Singapore teachers' espoused beliefs: links to practice 4
ID: ee63602c-b8f4-4c69-a230-ad815a701447 - Globalization and multilingualism in Singapore: Implications for a hybrid identity 4
ID: 14cc71c4-f93b-4d8c-a112-9e86ccf992ef - Errors in tense and aspect in compositions of secondary school students in Singapore 3
ID: 1f5a7353-925b-4bd4-8285-83252eeb058a - The fidelity of implementation of an innovative science program in a secondary school 3
ID: 29d452c0-349a-4456-b15b-107b32419b65 - Singapore big math for little kids developing understanding of foundation mathematics among identified low-achieving primary 1 students 3
ID: 57e61b05-30d8-4911-b311-4fb9aee571ac - An investigation of gaming effects and interventions for young gamers in Singapore 3
ID: 7b593c0e-4e84-43a9-96c1-84b2ac9d650f - Singaporean Chinese children's special Chinese vocabulary and their identity 3
ID: 81f5eb6e-ef83-4462-a548-3789c78d6e38 - An insight into the Tamil language alphabet and primary school learners of Tamil: Research essay 3
ID: 825592d3-102c-4fe0-b177-df4fc37982f7 - When “doing with understanding” fails: Addressing the misconception issues in primary science student (pre-service) teachers 3
ID: 87d28870-f243-49dd-abdf-779bda42dbe5 - A socio-cognitive approach to teaching expository writing: Research results from two Singapore schools 3
ID: a2cc575a-cf26-4ad4-977c-7062b753959d - A large scale study of Singapore's science and mathematics pedagogy 3
ID: aef7358b-6454-4073-b0ce-491ce307bec6 - Teacher beliefs and their implications for enhancing instructional practices 3
ID: be046f3b-09db-4377-877c-5125c74b3e8e - IELTS and its correlation with teachers' communicative competence 3
ID: e4a64034-7c51-4a37-9e85-127efaa603f7 - An insight into philosophy of science and ethics education for girls in Singapore 3
ID: ea398e7f-13e3-4428-907c-6ebddf5680bc - Language and social class: Linguistic capital in Singapore 3
ID: ef6c7884-86e9-4969-bd14-03170c4b2b02 - Using open-ended mathematics problems: a classroom experience (primary) 3
ID: f8b5fe89-d22e-45d1-b98d-02adda53881d - Thinker-listener pair interactions to develop students’ metacognitive strategies for mathematical problem solving 3
ID: 04c4ddbe-b3ab-408d-aba7-be8f5d38b8ff - Tracing disciplinarity in primary and secondary teachers’ talk: A corpus-based study 2
ID: 07318314-fe4b-460b-8106-807e403ba8ff - Positive social climate for enhancing students' math self-concept: some research findings 2
ID: 0c618c20-6669-496e-8c3a-bce2854709a5 - Identifying and building drama pedagogical practices in Singapore 2
ID: 0e454082-d642-43a6-8a12-1648218c96cc - Struggling against pedagogical instrumentality: Attempting to awaken the literary imagination in Singapore’s secondary English classrooms 2
ID: 0fd08d9b-aa33-4bdc-9c10-ad7ab91fb551 - Strategies for Effective & Engaged Development (SEED) at Campassvale Primary School 2
ID: 153fe34a-caef-4869-a206-2191384afb18 - Encouraging student questioning among mathematically weak students 2
ID: 163ad48c-cbf0-4d5d-8504-3159c6296c49 - Peer work, peer talk, and language acquisition in Singapore primary classrooms 2
ID: 16eea0c5-f974-4f64-b147-dd58ecdd9053 - Coding participation patterns and activities: Adaptations from the Singapore Coding scheme 2
ID: 1bd5c2ee-d1f0-4f89-bb67-5f16dff1c0dd - The knight’s move: Its relevance for educational research and development 2
ID: 243a6d53-5b2d-4d94-bb4d-704feed7b626 - Describing and improving the teaching of reading in Singapore primary schools 2
ID: 26f7eb35-7bb5-4f3d-84c1-1d10afc53cfc - Telling them what to do: Impact of teacher instructions on peer work? 2
ID: 2caa4daf-a644-458e-b0e6-294fd4d48719 - Cross-sectional assessment of linguistic development in the English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil languages 2
ID: 32553c5a-638e-4afc-95a5-719986393f3b - Curriculum implementation in early primary schooling in Singapore (CIEPSS) 2
ID: 395365cc-306b-415b-b023-c07e64232928 - Chinese language pedagogical experiment: a comparative study of classroom practices in Singapore primary schools 2
ID: 3bcf17da-120b-44ff-ab6a-2827f598953e - Working together and learning from each other: Interaction and negotiation in Singaporean primary level English classes 2
ID: 44769f4e-6f87-4516-9d3c-6608b7b88e58 - Assessments of literacy and numeracy in P1 and P2 classrooms 2
ID: 45e73e7f-0fa5-4b88-b0be-0875b02af66b - Solving mathematics problems with real-life contexts: A case about mobile plans 2
ID: 4780dbd2-454f-4324-b63a-7a3aa14ed0e9 - Some aspects of the pedagogical flow in three mathematics classrooms in Singapore 2
ID: 48ad4105-0c9f-420a-b32a-e139269de429 - Chinese language instruction in Singapore primary school classrooms: A study of pedagogical practices 2
ID: 498f43e1-e722-42c3-9a85-bbc54047e743 - Intervention in the teaching of expository writing 2
ID: 4d23085e-dca9-4de7-9dbe-9bbaf4a542dc - Literacy in learning science: A Vygotskian approach 2
ID: 52400f89-df22-425c-85a1-acea677e6362 - Stance-development in the expository writing of non-native English speaker students 2
ID: 5b42aa41-1a84-47a8-ae2b-6c48a9d2622f - Chinese language pedagogic practice: a preliminary description of Singaporean Chinese language classrooms 2
ID: 5cbc36fa-8769-444d-b283-ae830c1cb40d - English language learning strategies in Singapore primary school 2
Total 159

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