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Region #
AS - Asia, other 2457
EU - Europe 1094
NA - North America 404
OC - Oceania 50
AF - Africa 45
SA - South America 15
Total 4065
Country #
SG - Singapore 1456
CN - China 577
US - United States of America 376
DE - Germany 325
FI - Finland 319
FR - France 134
TR - Turkey 109
PH - Philippines 101
GB - United Kingdom 73
KH - Cambodia 64
other - Other Country 612
Total 4146
City #
Singapore 935
Mersin 96
Ashburn 69
Mountain View 52
Beijing 47
Balingen 42
Old Bridge 30
West Des Moines 30
Kuala Lumpur 26
New York 23
other 2411
Total 3761
Most viewed items #
ID: 54f786ca-d336-4edf-bb6b-7d2b6ef8f008 - Examining the teaching of reading: Teachers’ implementation of the STELLAR programme 401
ID: 31c88c8b-dd58-4746-978a-627518d5f1f1 - The use of Reciprocal Questioning (ReQuest) in the teaching of reading comprehension 253
ID: e5c90065-0358-406c-8ff8-7918c404cce5 - Teaching social and emotional competencies: Influences from Kuo Pao Kun 205
ID: 945a74ed-5a63-4eb6-bc5f-ef1ed1b54388 - An epidemic response: Framing the Zika virus risk crisis in Singapore 167
ID: 5fc44c2b-8eb3-4e8c-a359-40ab2765b278 - Information technology and information literacy: Use of information literacy in Singapore schools and suggestions for effective implementation 165
ID: 8665d6df-8338-4dba-8474-5dc0286bc65d - Drama pedagogy in Character and Citizenship Education 147
ID: 31520e5f-1ede-4aa0-84c2-e0c544bb00a4 - The implementation of writing lessons in the STELLAR programme: Exploring the impact of teachers’ concerns 145
ID: 47a8a448-8c54-4537-a398-e2a6dac19af1 - The effects of backpack carriage on the biomechanics of walking in school children: A systematic review based on kinematics and kinetics 140
ID: e62c2dc9-74a7-4a96-954f-2fbcd4b480c5 - Music ethnography of Singapore's art spaces 134
ID: b33e3b0b-c548-4c5b-96ee-1c430e180640 - Impact of nonlinear pedagogy to teaching Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) 126
ID: 21ef6cbf-9731-486e-b2ec-eb616461f129 - Generalising the functional rule for a figural quadratic pattern 121
ID: d5b755d1-0806-4b96-89a8-6312d67eeca4 - A study on the addition of “Wen Hua Wu” (文化屋) in Singapore Primary Higher Chinese textbooks (欢乐伙伴 小学高级华文) as an instrument for improving primary students’ Chinese language learning experience 121
ID: c6dff072-949b-4130-957c-9a84eb1e50b5 - Common errors in written Malay essays of lower primary students from English speaking homes 119
ID: 37a8ba1d-034a-435b-8a70-67250aa8a7e3 - Exploring the impacts of the types of pre-schools and the types of home linguistic environment within families in relation to early bilingual skills in receptive vocabulary and expressive language skills of both English and Mandarin of young children in Singaporean pre-schools 117
ID: 00fd5f8c-d932-41cc-b949-2536d63e3c90 - Kampung: Its meaning and significance from children’s literature 107
ID: 3f5db7d6-c10f-4b0b-9cea-5bc60b6f7cd9 - How does lower primary students learn Chinese characters efficiently? 99
ID: c46d5ba9-4a47-4721-bc0f-b26277f32dad - Fitness testing in schools internationally and locally: A systematic review 98
ID: 4a4e3a6a-6aac-457b-aaba-7030c8f224e4 - Mediated learning experience in Malay language oral - to enhance the teaching of video stimulus response 97
ID: 14023665-b351-4bc6-b00b-553fa688f5dc - Language loss and nationhood: Examining language shift among the Chinese community in Singapore and its implications for Singapore 95
ID: f4fa3a3d-b356-4f46-99f9-a3096ab9bae7 - An exploration of discourse and visual interaction in six children’s picture books by Anthony Browne 95
ID: df6e2f1e-92e5-487e-afd6-3e3e879b141e - Optimizing the school library for reading: An exploratory case study of students in one Singapore primary school 90
ID: a95a6230-596e-4079-9030-0020b757a723 - Evaluation of the suitability of targeted vocabulary (primary level three to six) for second language learners by investigating the frequency of vocabulary with the use of a corpus 85
ID: 0900bd0f-33cf-4ba2-a9c6-baa83057742a - Mismatch between classroom furniture and the primary school pupils’ body dimensions: A systematic review 84
ID: 56158aae-8d5d-4112-abc7-83422a658f19 - A review of blended synchronous learning 83
ID: da339f05-8553-402f-8a0f-147e2d21a325 - Community support for language learning: Teacher perspectives 83
ID: fed3687d-da34-4eae-bc2d-42ccd229f34c - Seating arrangement of K2 Sprint Kayak 79
ID: ea319790-ff0c-415e-a271-e4178ee3afe2 - Teacher’s interaction with pre-school children during story-telling activities 76
ID: 6b86728c-be8a-476d-ba69-3c023c515373 - The teaching of paragraph writing for the primary school pupils 71
ID: 3f0b79f6-6b17-4f4b-bf49-06545e0d675b - A qualitative study of cluster superintendents using Schwartz’s Theory of Human Values 70
ID: 8b5a5f62-f700-483f-b203-b380272f6556 - Primary students’ conceptions of assessment 69
ID: ae95f299-26cd-459a-ab85-c9f813a97dc8 - Community support for language learning: Text types in use 69
ID: e6ab77ea-2f2f-4465-89d5-a07a56d99927 - Working memory resources depletion can explain why delayed testing is superior to immediate testing 64
ID: de274f40-4770-4e00-b7a1-0e4f5d4390e3 - Identifying types of science practices that are challenging for low progress students in Singapore 50
ID: 337626c8-4ade-41fe-b9cd-2b751072e3dd - Teacher Trainee (TT) views of ICT use for learning: A questionnaire study 44
ID: f18bb573-f0c2-4057-aa80-d09cd5662abc - A study of the coverage of plastics in a national newspaper in Singapore 44
ID: e25d6480-c906-4f66-96c2-d33aca6c1e48 - An analysis of the cognitive rigor of questions used in secondary three English textbooks 41
ID: ec54b09b-c08b-4157-a910-2e1613d66b03 - Comparing science learning outcomes from Singapore and New South Wales, Australia, using Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy 34
ID: 029361cb-1f26-4e6a-9041-2d3fa2798073 - Diachronic study of distribution of Chinese characters in 4 sets of Singapore’s primary higher Chinese textbooks 29
ID: 59f0dd84-3fac-4b81-a220-59c6bbcec814 - Voice use in the classroom 29
Total 4146

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2017 00 0000 0000 0323 323
2018 55110 78644230 153974104 242248 1101
2019 123160 1608211869 87180117125 401141 1763
2020 469321 163600 0000 00 959
Ever 4146