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    Predictive relationships among psychological needs satisfaction, creative growth mindset and life outcomes: A sample of individuals above age 40
    (2020) ;
    Kong, Leng Chee
    Diwi Abbas
    This study examined the predictive relationships among psychological needs satisfaction (in terms of autonomy, competence and relatedness), creative growth mindset, life adaptability, and satisfaction with life. A sample of 130 individuals of above age 40 in Singapore voluntarily participated in this study by completing a structured questionnaire. Path analysis was conducted to examine the predictive relationships among the variables. Results revealed that the need for competence directly predicted life adaptability but not satisfaction with life. Need for relatedness directly predicted satisfaction with life but not life adaptability. Need for autonomy directly predicted satisfaction with life but also indirectly predicted life adaptability via creative growth mindset. This study highlighted the differential impacts of the three psychological needs on different life outcomes and also the mediating role of creative growth mindset in enhancing life adaptability.
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