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    Curriculum design for active learning in an honours module on organometallic chemistry
    This Report describes the design and implementation of a curriculum that promotes active learning for an Honours module on organometallic chemistry at the National Institute of Education. An integrated, thematic, and interactive approach to the design and implementation of the curriculum was adopted. In this approach, the principles of thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and chemical bonding theory were employed to explain the reactions of various types of organometallic compounds, which in turn form the basis for the understanding of the main theme of the module, transition-metalcatalysed organic reactions. The opinions of the students on how the module should and should not be taught were gathered before the commencement of the module and these were taken into account during curriculum design and implementation. The instructional strategies employed were interactive and collaborative, and opportunities for the practice of high-level thinking skills were provided. The students responded positively and enthusiastically to the above efforts to promote active learning in the module.
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