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    A study of school mathematics curriculum enacted by competent teachers in Singapore secondary schools
    A study of school mathematics curriculum enacted by competent teachers in Singapore secondary schools, is a programmatic research project at the National Institute of Education (NIE) funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore through the Office of Education Research (OER) at NIE. The main goal of the project is to collect a set of data that would be used by two studies to research the enacted secondary school mathematics curriculum. The project aims to examine how competent experienced secondary school teachers implement the designated curriculum prescribed by the MOE in the 2013 revision of curriculum. It does this firstly by examining the video recordings of the classroom instruction and interactions between secondary school mathematics teachers and their students, as it is these interactions that fundamentally determine the nature of the actual mathematics learning and teaching that take place in the classroom. It also examines content through the instructional materials used – their preparation, use in classroom and as homework. The project comprises a video segment and a survey segment. Approximately 630 secondary mathematics teachers and 600 students are participating in the project. The data collection for the video segment of the project is guided by the renowned complementary accounts methodology while the survey segment adopts a self-report questionnaire approach. The findings of the project will serve several purposes. They will provide timely feedback to mathematics specialists in the MOE, inform pre-service and professional development programmes for mathematics teachers at the NIE and contribute towards articulation of “Mathematics pedagogy in Singapore secondary schools” that is evidence based.
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    Mathematical problem solving for everyone: A new beginning
    Dindyal, Jaguthsing
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    Quek, Khiok Seng
    Mathematical problem solving has been at the core of the Singapore mathematics curriculum framework since the 1990s. We report here the features of the Mathematical Problem Solving for Everyone (M-ProSE) project which was carried out in a Singapore school to realise the learning of mathematical problem solving and as described by Pólya and Schoenfeld. A mathematics problem solving package comprising “mathematics practical” lessons and assessment rubric was trialled in the school for Grade 8 in 2009. Responses from three students show mixed perceptions to the module, but an end-of-module assessment shows that the students were able to present their solutions along Pólya’s four stages. We also describe teacher preparation for teaching the module. After the trial period, the school adopted the module as part of the curriculum and it is now a compulsory course for all Grade 8 students in that school.
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