What Singaporean teachers and social workers say about child abuse: facts versus myths

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This paper reports on the responses of Singaporean social workers and teachers to questions about facts and myths surrounding child abuse and neglect. Two aspects of child abuse were focused upon: sexual and emotional. Prior to attending seminars on child abuse and domestic violence, P54 kindergarten teachers, special education teachers and social workers completed a questionnaire. It included common myths collected from victims, perpetrators and professionals and was designed to identify aspects of their knowledge of child abuse and neglect versus the influence of universal myths. Results show that special education teachers were the least well informed on child protection issues despite international recognition that children with disabilities are the most vulnerable to abuse of all kinds. Social workers displayed the most accurate knowledge but serious gaps were identified among all the professionals. The results of this survey, which is the first of its kind, will be valuable for future professional development planning for educators and social workers.
Teaching and Learning, 23(1), 13-25