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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Trikoramide A, a prenylated cyanobactin from the marine cyanobacterium symploca hydnoidesPhyo, Ma YadanarDing, Chi Ying GaryGoh, Hui ChinGoh, Jun XianOng, Ji Fa MarshallChan, Siew HerngYung, Pui Yi MariaCandra, HartonoTan, Lik Tong
Nov-2010A tripartite model of co-designing for an iMVT integrated science curriculumYe, XiaoxuanZhang, BaohuiChia, Peichun
1981Trying to be negative: Teaching the rules for signsPurbrick, Keith James
2002TTC/IE/NIE memorabiliaChia, Meow Hui
2009Tulisan sebagai wahana sastera Melayu modenMuhammad Ariff bin Ahmad, 1924-
2019Tunable quantum switch realized with a single Λ-level atom coupled to the microtoroidal cavityAghamalyan, DavitYou, Jia BinChu, Hong-SonPng, Ching EngKrivitsky, LeonidKwek, Leong Chuan
2000"Tuning into the sounds of English"Gan, LindaYong, Ming Lee
2020Tuning magnetic properties, thermal stabilityandmicrostructure of NdFeB magnets with diffusing Pr-ZnfilmsLi, JiajieHuang, XiangyunZeng, LiangliangOuyang, BoYu, XiaoqiangYang, MunanZhong, ZhenchenYang, BinRajdeep, Singh Rawat
2020Tuning up the promotional volume: Comparing the About Us texts of top- and second-tier universities in China and AmericaXie, ChaoqunTeo, Peter, 1962-
2013Turkish and Singaporean pre-service physics teachers’ beliefs about teaching and use of technologyGurcay, DenizWong, Benjamin Koon SiakChai, Ching Sing
2013Turning a necessity into an export : the development of Singapore’s water industryMohamed Osman Rahamat
2018Turning achievement around: Predictors of academic resilience of academically at-risk students in SingaporeNie, YouyanTan, Jennifer Pei-LingTan, Chee SoonKing, Ronnel B.Kalthom Ahmad
1996Tutoring E304 computer engineering : a paradigm shiftLeyman, Abdul Rahim
1995Twenty golden opportunities to enhance student learning: use them or lose themSponder, Barry
2002Two invariants for adjointly equivalent graphsDong, F. M., 1962-Teo, Kee LeongLittle, Charles H. C.Hendy, Michael
Nov-2004Two results on real zeros of chromatic polynomialsDong, F. M., 1962-Koh, Khee Meng
2008Two views of education: Promoting civic and moral values in Cambodia schoolsTan, Charlene H. P. (Charlene Hwee Phio)
2018Two-dimensional network of atomtronic qubitsSafaei, ShabnamGrémaud, BenoitDumke, RainerKwek, Leong ChuanAmico, LuigiMiniatura, Christian
2019Two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides-based membrane for ultrafast solvent permeationAng, Edison HuixiangChew, Jia Wei
2005Two-norm spacesLeo, Chin Choon