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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Ultra-low reflective silicon surfaces for photovoltaic applicationsLim, Mark Jian WeiHuang, ShiyongChan, Chia SernXu, ShuyanWei, DeyuanGuo, YingnanXu, LuxiangOstrikov, Kostya (Ken)
1993The Ultramarathon 1993 (18 Jul 1993)
2013Unbounding intercultural learning and social support through social networking sites : an exploration on FacebookLee, Jason Wen Yau
2009Uncertainty relation of mixed states by means of Wigner-Yanase-Dyson informationLi, D.Li, X.Wang, F.Huang, H.Kwek, Leong Chuan
Nov-2008Unconjugated verb use in Singapore classroom discourse: A corpus-based analysisNiu, GuilingDoyle, Paul (Paul Grahame)Hui, Chenri
2007Unconventional geometric quantum computation in a two-mode cavityWu, ChunfengWang, ZishengFeng, Xun-LiGoan, Hsi-ShengKwek, Leong ChuanLai, C. H.Oh, Choo Hiap
2014Uncovering Singapore teachers’ motivation to participate in professional development activitiesChang, Chew HungTeng, Paul Piang SiongTan, Aik-LingJoiko, SaraChan, Yew WooiPoh, Mun See
2014Uncovering the nexus between scientific discourse and school geography in Singapore students’ understanding of climate changeChang, Chew HungPascua, Liberty
2020Uncovering what matters in collaborative learning: Impact of teachers’ engagement in analytics to bring about knowledge building discourse.Teo, Chew LeeLooi, Chee-KitTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Tan, Boon Tee
2009Undergraduate students' perception of plagiarism in academic foreign-language writing in ChinaDong, Xiaoli
2014Undergraduates’ attitudes toward science and their epistemological beliefs: Positive effects of certainty and authority beliefsFulmer, Gavin William
2000Understanding and dealing with asthma in young peopleChia, Michael, 1963-
2018Understanding and developing in-service teachers’ perceptions towards teaching in computational thinking: Two studiesWu, LongkaiLooi, Chee-KitLiu, LiuHow, Meng Leong
2014Understanding and modelling decisions on organic food choice in SingaporeFrancis, Florence
2002Understanding and overcoming pupils' learning difficulties in mathematicsEe, JessieWong, Khoon Yoong
2014Understanding and profiling teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge development patternsKoh, Joyce Hwee LingChai, Ching SingTay, Lee Yong
2010Understanding cardiac outpatients’ experience of starting and maintaining physical activityLew, Henry Yuen Foong
2006Understanding children's development through art : a case study of a child with an intellectual disability and hearing impairmentBert, Said Mohamed Isham
1996Understanding creativity from a diversified perspectiveTan, Ai-Girl
2016Understanding creativity in East Asia: Insights from Confucius' concept of junziTan, Charlene H. P. (Charlene Hwee Phio)