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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Preschool quality and staff characteristics in SingaporeSuhaila Retas
2001Principal's leadership in a Catholic primary schoolLee, Margaret Mary Soon Kee
2001Pupils' perception of discipline in Peirce Secondary SchoolTan, Guat Ler
2006The relationship between the perceived and ideal organizational cultures in three government schools in SingaporeGoh, Mee Mee
1999Relationship of organizational factors to commitment and sense of efficacy in a secondary schoolLee, Kok Hong
2001School leaders' and teachers' perceptions of heads of departments' work performanceLee, Khim Song
2001Staff development in using information technology for teaching : the management perspectiveCheong, Hwa Yew
1999Strategic marketing management of pre-schoolsPoon, Chong Liang
2009Students' perception of their learning through the use of blogsQuek, Chin Joo
1998A study of Ghim Moh School as a learning organisation : teachers' perspectives on how school leaders can facilitate a culture of thinkingLam, Ai-Leen
1998A study of Loyang School as a learning organisation : teachers' perspectives on how school leaders can facilitate a culture of thinkingChew, Richard Soon Kheng
2002A study of marketing in Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary SchoolWong, Lok Oon
2003A study of teacher's knowledge, skills and attitudes about web-based instruction in a school in SingaporeChock, Siew Hwa
2002A study of the conditions that facilitate teachers' effort in integrating information technology into the curriculumSin, Moy Luang
2007A study of the impact of learning circles and InnoWITs on the professional development of teachersTay, Gek Khim
2000A study of the media development section of ETD as a learning organisationSarashini Thurairatnam
1999A study of the perception of IT competencies of teachers in secondary schools in Singapore and their commitment to computer learningSeah, Jimmy Han Meng
2004A study of the processes that enable a school to be a learning organisationYong, David Heng Sai
1998A study on teachers' job satisfaction in a Singapore secondary schoolLai, Serene Soon Hoon
2002Support for improved teacher performance in Evergreen Primary SchoolChan, Hou Cheng