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dc.contributor.authorJiao, Fuzhen-
dc.description.abstract现代化的教育理念更加重视教育的个性化和科学化,尊重与发展学生的个性。将自我导向学习引入到教学中,是社会向教育领域发出的时代要求。虽然新加坡教育部与各教育研究部门对网络环境下的自我导向学习进行了一些研究,但是关于小学华文写作如何在网络环境下进行自我导向学习,却鲜见研究成果。<br><br>本研究旨在弥补这一不足。本研究探讨两个问题:其一、小学生在网络环境下展开自我导向学习是否有助于提高华文作文成绩?其二、在老师的指导下,小学生的自我导向学习能力在网络环境下是否得以提高?本研究以新加坡西区一所小学的五年级两班学生为研究对象,分为实验组(N=38)及控制组(N=36)。实验期为半年。实验组采用在网络环境下展开自我导向作文学习的教学方法,控制组采用传统的作文教学方法。整个实验使用准实验研究法(Quasi-experimental Design)与问卷调查法相结合的方法,以Excel为统计工具,对数据资料进行描述性统计。研究发现实验组学生的作文成绩比控制组学生的成绩有了显著性进步,并且通过老师的指导,实验组学生在网络环境的支持下自我导向学习能力有所提高。同时,研究也发现学生自我导向学习能力与作文成绩相关密切。本研究也建议自我导向学习课程应考虑到小学生的情感需求、行为与智力发展;教师需要建立学习策略的模式,培养学生的学习主人翁精神与承担学习责任的勇气。<br>-
dc.description.abstractLittle is known about the effect of implementation of self-directed learning (SDL) in Primary school pupils’ composition writing in Singapore.<br><br>The purpose of the study was to determine how SDL with web-based environment affected the pupils’ performance with regards to their composition writing with web-based environment. Furthermore, it investigates if SDL readiness can develop with teacher’s guidance. A total of 74 pupils, selected from two classes with similar academic abilities in a Singapore primary school, were involved in the study for six months. The methodological design employed in this research was a quasi-experimental design and survey design. A questionnaire was administered to collect pupils’ feedback. Examinations results were also used in this research. Two Z-tests were conducted to compare the pupils’ score on the outcome measure of learning composition effectiveness.<br><br>The results of the study indicate that there was a significant increase in pupils’ composition score of the experimental group after the implementation of SDL with internet in Chinese writing lessons over 6 months. The Pearson correlation coefficient shows a close relationship between SDL readiness and Chinese writing performance. The results suggest that the development of SDL readiness would benefit the performance of pupils’ Chinese writing.-
dc.subject.lcshChinese language--Composition and exercises--Study and teaching (Elementary)--Singapore.-
dc.subject.lcshIndependent study--Singapore.-
dc.subject.lcshWeb-based instruction--Singapore.-
dc.subject.lcshComputer-assisted instruction--Singapore.-
dc.title网络环境下自我导向学习-以新加坡小学生为例 (Exploring the effect of using self-directed learning with web-based sites in Chinese composition writing: a study of a primary school in Singapore)en
dc.identifier.callnoPL1271.5 J536-
dc.supervisorYang, Yanning-
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