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Chia, M. (2000). Aerobic and anaerobic performances of boys. In J. Ee, Berinderjeet Kaur, N. H. Lee and B. H. Yeap (Eds.), New ‘Literacies’: Educational response to a knowledge-based society: Proceedings of the ERA-AME-AMIC Joint Conference 2000 (pp. 364-369). Singapore: Educational Research Association.
The purpose of the study was to compare the aerobic performance [peak V02] of boys with their anaerobic performance [Wingate Anaerobic Test
(WAnT)]. Twenty-four boys (10.1±0.3 yrs; 32.9±4.1 kg), all of whom were adjudged as Tanner stage 1 for sexual maturity status, participated in the study. Peak V02 was determined using a discontinuous, incremental protocol on a
cycle ergometer. During a separate test session, the exercise V02 during the WAnT, was determined. Twenty-second data were extracted from the single
30-second test for comparison. Mean peak V02 was 1.97±0.24 l.min-1. Mean 1-second peak power [PP] was 269±45 W, and as expected, mean power over 20
seconds [MP20s] was higher than mean power over 30 seconds [MP30s] (212±37 vs. 192±33 W, p<0.05). Significant correlations were established between peak V02 and peak power (r =0.43, p<0.05); MP20s (r=0.48, p<0.05); and [MP30s (r=0.51, p<0.05). However, when partial correlations were run between peak V02, and PP and MP, respectively, controlling for body mass, the resultant
correlations coefficients became non-significant (0.250.05). Subjects attained 61 ± 9% and 69± 9% (p<0.05) of peak V02 over 20 seconds
and over 30 seconds of the WAnT, respectively. The observed correlations may reflect the aerobic contribution to the WAnT. The study confirms that in young boys, the aerobic contribution over a predominantly anaerobic test is quite substantial, therefore the 20s test may be more appropriate.
This paper was published in the Proceedings of the ERA-AME-AMIC Joint Conference held at Singapore from 4-6 September 2000
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